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Harry Styles in Lima: Recommendations, entrance map and everything you need to know before going to the concert

The singer Harry Styles will arrive in Lima in the coming days to offer a long-awaited concert at the National Stadium, as part of his world tour “Love on Tour”. The appointment is Tuesday, November 29, and the production announced some measures for the thousands of attendees.

What time will the doors open? The National Stadium of Lima will open its doors from 3 pm Various accesses will be enabled for a better influx of the public. In addition, he pointed out that each entrance will have a specific entrance area.

The entrances for the Platinum Left zone and the General zone will be through doors 27 and 18, respectively. While the entrance to the Platinum Right, VIP and Grandstand area will be through doors 34 and 9, respectively.

  • The authorized queue of attendees will only be from 6 am on Tuesday, November 29 in the vicinity of the National Stadium. Camping will not be allowed in the stadium or in its vicinity. It is recommended to follow the instructions of the security personnel.
  • It is advisable to download the ticket ahead of time, bring your cell phone with a battery and set the screen brightness to maximum to make it easier to read. It also helps to bring the printed ticket.
  • Avoid sharing the QR code and that nobody sees it to avoid inconveniences.
  • The entry of food and drinks (glass bottles or cans) will not be allowed, only small plastic ‘tomatoes’.
  • The entrance with backpacks of more than 30 cm x 30 cm will be prohibited, the same with photographic and video cameras.
  • It is recommended to attend with comfortable clothes and shoes according to the weather conditions and remember to arrive at the place with enough time to be able to enter without inconvenience.
  • Avoid reselling, nothing guarantees that the tickets are real and unique.
  • The production has enabled special sections for wheelchairs in: Low West and Low East. If assistance is required, security personnel should be sought.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that the special service of the ATU will put into operation the Metropolitan and the complementary corridors with the “Love on Bus” service. These rates will become effective immediately after the concert and will work from 11:30 pm on November 29.

The Metropolitan will cost S/3.20, Blue Corridor S/4, Purple Corridor S/4, Red Corridor S/4, Blue Corridor (Lechucero) s/1.80 and the Yellow Corridor S/5. The vehicles of the Purple, Red, Blue and Yellow corridor will meet along Av. Petit Thouars and the units of the Metropolitan will leave from the Estadio Nacional station. In addition, there will be a taxi rank authorized by the ATU.

Source: Elcomercio

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