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World Cup 2022: Kylian Mbappe is easier to play football, says Theo Hernandez

Due to injury and the departure of his brother Lucas, Theo Hernandez filled the vacant seat and forced himself match after match as a great fit for the position. The day after Kylian Mbappe scored the first goal against Denmark (2-1), he came this Sunday to answer questions from the media at a press conference.

How do you define your role in the French national team?

THEO HERNANDES. We have a very good relationship with Adrian (Rabiot) and Kylian (Mbappe). They are fun to play with. They are very good players.

Your brother is Fanta, are you also playing for him in this World Cup?

It is true that when the coach called me to the lists, I was very happy. I wasn’t happy at all after his injury. He has a very old injury. Since he left, I have been talking to him every day. He tells me to bring back the World Cup. We are two different players.

What did you think when he fell and you had to replace him against Australia?

It was not easy for me to see him on the ground. I did what I had to do: I played my best to celebrate this victory for my brother.

Now the only left side among the 24 players present, do you want to play the third match against Tunisia?

I’m all alone behind and I love to play. I would like to play in the next match, but the decision is up to the coach.

Are you limited by Didier Deschamps against big opponents? How are you with Kylian Mbappe, tell us about your goal?

The coach tells me that I can’t skate all the time. It is easier to play football with Kylian in attack. We get along very well on the field. We always find each other, he is a great player. On goal, when he gives me this ball, I know that he is behind and goes to the penalty mark. I gave it to him and he scored a good goal.

Could you drive faster than him?

(smiles) I don’t think I can go faster than him. I can try, I’ll have to try it in training, but I don’t think I can.

Do you fear danger one on one with the attacker in a future clash?

There are very strong players in the World Cup, and sometimes there are difficulties in football. You can miss the duel, transfer, penalty. This is not serious.

Chinese fans call you “super fast car”. What do you think ?

If it’s a Ferrari, then better! (laughs)

Are you one of those people who says to themselves: anything but Argentina in the next round?

We are especially thinking about Wednesday’s match against Tunisia. Let’s see who we will be in the 1/8 finals. While we are working.

Do you prefer defensive or offensive duels?

Both. It’s true that I like the offensive phase. We are at the World Cup, and the most important thing is to defend well.

Would you see yourself later in your career in a different role, like midfield?

Never. I like my position. I am very happy to be on the side.

Source: Le Parisien

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