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The drama of a couple who was diagnosed with cancer weeks apart

The drama of a couple who was diagnosed with cancer weeks apart

The drama of a couple who was diagnosed with cancer weeks apart

In February of this year, Laura Tomelloso, a retired California Department of Justice officer, USAwas diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

Just a few weeks later, the official Michael Tomellosoher husband, also received devastating news: the doctors told him that he had stage 4 throat cancer.

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“It’s devastating, and for [Laura]go through it to find out that your spouse will also have to deal with it”family friend Carrie Cellini told KNBC.

According to the aforementioned medium, Laura’s colon cancer became ovarian cancer.

parents of two children

The LAPD Central Traffic Division announced that Laura and Michael are the parents of two boys: Mike Jr., 14, and Matthew, 10.

“During their battle with cancer, which consists of continuous medical treatments, surgeries and hospitalizations, they have a grueling challenge to complete simple tasks”says the statement released on social networks.

“They have been relying on friends, neighbors and church members to make life less challenging with their daily chores and medical appointments, and to make Mike Jr. and Matthew’s childhood as positive as possible,” adds the message.

The institution disclosed that Matthew, the youngest son, is a child with special needs who receives education at home and works with horses as part of his therapy. Due to the complicated situation of his parents, the sessions have had to stop.

They seek donations

On the other hand, a GoFundMe campaign was made available to users, where it is possible to make monetary donations to the family.

“Knowing what kind of person he is and a family man, he was a Marine and has been a police officer for over 25 years and was married over 25 years to his wife,” Los Angeles Police Officer Bryce said. Verna to KABC.

“And actually, not one person, but two people go through it, it’s more or less lottery odds.”

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