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World Cup: why the victory of Costa Rica is mainly beneficial to Germany

You may know the mythical phrase of the former England striker Gary Lineker: “Football is a simple game: twenty-two people play the ball for 90 minutes, and in the end the Germans win.” So even when they are not playing.

This Sunday morning, before the match with Spain at the end of the eighth day of the World Cup, the German team, no doubt, with undisguised satisfaction watched as Costa Rica toppled their executioner from the first day, Japan. A small victory (1:0), won at the very end of the match, makes the Germans more profitable than ever.

“For Germany, it could not have been better! “, dares even the German daily newspaper Bild after the final whistle. A Japanese victory over the Costa Ricans would have forced Germany to bring back the impressive Spanish team on Sunday evening, otherwise they would have already been eliminated. In its current form, with three teams (Spain, Japan and Costa Rica ) scored 3 points, Germany is at least guaranteed to survive the group on the final day.

Germany has qualified if…

Even in the event of a defeat from Spain, the Germans would not have been completely buried. However, qualifications require Manshaft absolutely (and comfortably) beat Costa Rica, and Spain beat Japan. Then Germany, Japan and Costa Rica will be 3 points behind and goal difference will be decisive. In this small game, Costa Rica (-6) starts with too much of a head start. But Japan (0) and Germany (-1 before Sunday’s game) go head to head. The same or almost the same scenario in case of a draw this Sunday evening: it will be necessary to save Germany, win against Costa Rica, and Spain beat Japan.

A German victory over the Spaniards would undoubtedly provide the most exciting scenario for this Group E. The four teams would then be level on points, separated only by goal difference. Then this Thursday at 20:00, a full-size group ‘final’ will be played with Costa Rica-Germany and Japan-Spain playing at the same time. With two wins and 6 points, Germany will definitely qualify. After starting his competition with such a poor performance, this would certainly be an impressive turnaround.

Source: Le Parisien

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