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Griezmann after canceled goal in the end of Tunisia-France: “I confess, I did not understand too much”

He hasn’t stopped in mixed doubles since the Blues came to Doha. He also did not have the opportunity to speak at the daily press conferences held at the Blues training center. Despite losing to Tunisia (1:0), the first of the Blues in the World Cup since Rio de Janeiro on July 4, 2014 against Germany (1:0) in the quarter-finals, and the goal of equalizing was abandoned due to offside, before A smiling Antoine Griezmann appeared as microphones. “Guys, I’m starting to prepare for the consequences, so it’s going to be five euros per question,” Grisa, 31 years old and 113 elections, began to joke, before turning serious again.

Why was your goal cancelled?

Antoine Griezmann. No idea. The judges make a choice, you must accept it. We were pretty nice since we already qualified, we didn’t get mad, but I admit I didn’t quite get it. Let’s see what FIFA has to say.

Does this defeat break good dynamics?

No, no, it’s a shame, because we wanted to take three points and score. But there were substitutions, players who did not play in their position, so it was difficult for everyone. They gave everything, in the second we tried to return to the score. We had chances, but we failed.

Can such a low performance affect the rest of the competitors?

No, I do not think so. It’s good because everyone is involved. It is hard for those who do not play in their position, but everyone dreams of participating in the World Cup. For many it was the first game in the competition, you have to keep quiet. We saw during 1/8 in 2018 that absolutely nothing will change if we stay focused, if we all work together. We have four days to prepare well. Today is good, we will know who we will play against.

Who do you prefer to date?

It didn’t matter, the main thing was to be there. Let’s be careful, watch today’s matches. Argentina always play well, but the Saudis, Poland and Mexico can do it too. The trainer and staff will do video level work to get us ready.

Can this defeat serve as a booster before the first elimination match?

No extra shots, we know it’s hard. We see that at the World Championships, not a single match is easy, and if you do not influence your fights, then everything is more difficult. We saw it tonight.

Will we have to console those who played?

No, nothing to worry about. They also failed, but it is difficult to play World Cup matches. We saw it, we, against Australia. The first fifteen minutes we were at zero in duels, because there was such tension, as in a World Cup match. It can happen to anyone. So peace and work.

Here we understand that experience is needed at the World Cup?

Yes, but even with experience, in the game with Australia, everyone went through the first fifteen minutes a bit. Since we had been waiting for this for several months, there was tension and we needed to relax on the field. It could happen.

Personally, you did very well. How do you explain it?

The fact that I really trained with Atlético and Prof. Ortega (physical coach) has put me in very good shape for this World Cup.

How do you feel about your new role on the field?

(Exits smiling.) I like !

Source: Le Parisien

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