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“You’re going to come back strong”: Luka Modric’s emotional consolation for Rodrygo Goes | VIDEO

They are teammates at Real Madrid and fate would have it that in the Qatar 2022 World Cup they will be rivals in one of the quarterfinal keys. We are talking about Luka Modric and Rodrygo Goes, who met in Croatia vs. Brazil that ended with a European victory on penalties and lament for those of the ‘Canarinha’.

With the Croatian classification and Brazilian elimination accomplished, there was a moment for Modric to console the young attacker, who could not help crying over the ‘Scratch’ goodbye. The cameras captured the 37-year-old midfielder making a grand gesture with the South American and the clip was popularized on social networks.

“Come on, huh. strong huh Nothing happens. You are stronger than this. They all fail, they all fail. You’re going to come back strong, huh. I love you, I love you, son. Come on cheer up”, were the words that Modric said to Rodrygo, a player who missed his shot in the definition from twelve steps.

Rodrygo apologizes

Still struck by the pain of Brazil’s goodbye, the 21-year-old attacker spoke on social networks a day after the game. “I am sorry. Without a doubt the most painful moment of my career, from heaven to hell in a matter of minutes. It was exactly how I always asked it not to be. I know that everything passes and, although at the moment I still don’t have the strength to get up, I’m sure I’ll be back, I don’t know how, but I’ll be back and much stronger”, wrote the paulista in an Instagram post.

Rodrygo, likewise, was grateful to the people who directly supported him and the Brazilian team, which was left with the desire to get the sixth star in the history of the World Cups.

“21 years, nothing has been easy so far and it won’t be, but it will be worth it! Thank you to everyone who encouraged us and believed in us, thank you my God for everything and sorry for being ungrateful after all you have done for me, I keep asking myself why me? why did it have to be like this? Only those who were with me saw everything I went through this year to get to the World Cup well and why did I want to end like this? I can’t understand it, but then I start to remember everything and I see that I can’t complain about anything and I continue to do my best in everything like I always did! Once again, thank you all and that in 2026 everything will be different, I still believe that we will continue to be very happy! This generation is very good, deserves and needs to be crowned. Beloved Homeland, Brazil”he added.

Source: Elcomercio

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