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Fernando Santos after ceasing to be coach of Portugal: “It’s normal that not everyone is happy”

After losing to Morocco in a difficult duel, Fernando Santos left the Portuguese team on Thursday. The Portuguese coach was in charge of the team represented by Cristiano Ronaldo after eight years, he assumed that “It is normal” that not all arehappy” with the decisions he made as a coach and assured that he was a “privilege” lead the ‘quinas’.

“When managing groups you have to make some tough decisions. It’s normal that not everyone is happy with the decisions I made.” he said in a farewell message released after the announcement of his departure, agreed with the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF).

Santos pointed out that “everyone knows” that the decisions he made were thought to be “the best” for the direction of the team and he thanked all the players he has worked with since 2014, “all without exception.”

“I leave with a huge feeling of gratitude. Huge for the privilege it was to have been a national coach and for the honor I had for representing our country. It was a dream that I realized and a life goal that I fulfilled”, he affirmed.

The former coach also thanked the coaches of the clubs that sent players to the national team, their technical team and the Federation.

In addition, he left a mention of the president of the FPF, Fernando Gomes, who “always” supported him “and was what a leader should be in good times, but above all also in the most difficult ones.”

“From now on I will be one of the many millions who vibrate and support the team. I will be in body and soul as always, no longer on the field but in the stands and anywhere, singing our anthem and wanting our team, the team of all of us, to give us great joy ”, he concluded.

Santos left the position of coach this Thursday after eight years and after the elimination of Portugal in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar against Morocco. Under his command, Portugal was proclaimed champion of the Eurocup in 2016 and the League of Nations in 2019.

Source: Elcomercio

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