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‘He doesn’t know enough about football’: Before the final, Martinez tells Mbappe about South American football

This is a statement that is likely to get people talking. Emiliano Martinez, who was present at the press conference on the eve of the long-awaited Argentina-France match on Sunday, took on Kylian Mbappe. Indeed, in recent days, the phrase of the French striker has surfaced, in which he criticized the level of South American football, issued in May last year. “The advantage for us Europeans is that we constantly play high-level matches with each other, such as, for example, the League of Nations. Where there is no such level in Brazil and Argentina, there is in South America. Football is not as developed as in Europe. That’s why Europeans have always won at the last World Cups, ”analyzed the PSG striker.

A statement that the Albicelesta porter did not like: “He doesn’t know football well enough, he never played in South America. If you do not have such experience, you cannot comment. But it’s nothing. They know that we are a world-class selective player and they respect us for that,” he attacked before discussing Mbappe’s contribution to the Blues game: “He is not just a player. The front four is dangerous. There is also a lot of security. It’s a great choice. We know they are good up front, but we will play our game and try to hurt.”

“Tomorrow’s match is more than Messi-Mbappe”

The penalty specialist then spoke a few words to his teammate and captain Lionel Messi, who will play his second World Cup final after the 2014 final (lost to the Germans): “We have the advantage of having the best player in the world. Having four or five defenders is the same. The other team is a bit of a favourite, but we don’t feel inferior or superior to anyone. The only thing is that we have the best.”

Also present, along with his goalkeeper, Lionel Scaloni, spoke about the clash between his brilliant number 10 and Kylian Mbappe, the scorer of five goals in this World Cup. “Tomorrow is Argentina vs France, not Messi vs Mbappe. We have the necessary weapons that allow other players to decide the outcome of the match. Messi is doing well. We hope he will rely on our side, ”said the coach.

Moreover, he clarified that there was no plan against Mbappe for this match: “This is a team effort, not an individual one. It’s not just about Mbappa. France has other great players as well. Mbappe is one of them, he is young and he will continue to improve, there is no doubt about it.

Source: Le Parisien

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