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Jaime Bayly: What he said about the World Cup champions and what he asked Messi on TV

Jaime Bayly: What he said about the World Cup champions and what he asked Messi on TV

Jaime Bayly: What he said about the World Cup champions and what he asked Messi on TV

This time he did not talk about international politics. He also did not take his pen to write the best lines on a certain topic. This time, Jaime Bayleythe Peruvian who has lived in Miami for many years, used his space to talk about soccer -mixing it with politics, too, how could it be otherwise-, about the triumph of Argentina in the Qatar 2022 World Cup and Lionel MessiThe king of the world.

The 57-year-old journalist and writer did not hesitate for a single second when he took a plane from the United States to experience the World Cup final in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He told it so in a third-person column / story published in the newspaper La Nación of Argentina and Peru 21 from here.

On Friday, December 16, more than a week ago, Jaime boarded the plane and left for Buenos Aires. “You’re crazy?”asked him -according to the story- his wife. “I’ve always been crazy”, answered. And in the midst of the collective excitement that took place in the Argentine country on Sunday, December 18, Bayly lived what is perhaps the best final in the history of the World Cups.

A 120-minute match (plus additions) that had goals, emotions, historic saves and the consecration of Lionel Messione of the best soccer players in history (for many, the best), above kylian mbappethe perfect villain who aims to dominate soccer for the next ten years.

The lived by Jaime Bayley it was not only reflected in each of his written lines. He also took the time to combine the victory of the Albiceleste with politics, for which a clip of his went viral on social networks. In addition, he made a request to Lionel Messi for the next World Cup.

Bayly and his vision of world champions

How could it be otherwise, Jaime Bayly spoke about the players of the Argentine team -the world champions- and used them as examples. and the brutal competition of international soccer. That’s why they’re so good. Because they go out, compete and are in the globalized world and play in the toughest, most arduous leagues”.

The Peruvian began to mention each of the players and the leagues in which they played.Paul’s play in Spain, Enzo Fernandez was a revelation in Portugal, Mac Allister play in England.” he said at some point before stating that he sees them every weekend at their respective clubs. “Julian Alvarez He went to Manchester City, Guardiola saw him. Messi He is at PSG. Lautarothe ‘Bull’, is at Inter Milan”, he added.

I love my country, I love Perón and I play in the Argentine league. If all of them played in the Argentine league, the team would not have reached the round of 16”, he added before going on to explain and put his words in context.

“I want to say that this is not a triumph of Argentine politics, it is not a triumph of the Argentine government. No. And we are not going to allow opportunistic politicians, mercenaries, turncoats, pancakes (an Argentine word that means opportunist), to want to put on the national team shirt and raise the cup as if they had conquered it. This is a triumph for the boys, the warriors, the gladiators, the heroes and Messi, the maker of rain.”ended by making clear his position on the controversy that occurred in the midst of the celebrations of the champions when they did not arrive at Casa Rosada to lift the world cup.

The request to Lionel Messi

Bayly acknowledged that “I am especially happy because Messi He scored seven goals in this World Cup. He has thirteen goals in total in World Cups and he finally lifted the cup”. He later recalled that the man from Rosario “did not want to play in the Argentine team because he was dejected by so many troubles.

“I was outraged when I heard Argentines vilify him, splash him with diatribes like mud. The quagmire that they threw in his face: that he is not that good, that he only plays well in Barcelona, ​​that he is a cold chest, that he is not interested in the National Team because he is not paid ”, recalled the journalist.

he said enthusiastically.

Finally, Bayly made a request to the best player in the world. “Dear Messi, please don’t retire, don’t retire yet. He continues to play with the National Team. You are 35 years old, you have taken care of yourself, you have not inhaled kilometers of cocaine like Maradona, you are whole. I think that with 39 you reach one more world cup. If you want, you can play half time or take penalties.” concluded.

Messi and the world cup, the only title he was missing.  (Photo: Agencies)

Source: Elcomercio

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