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“Zidane is France”: Kylian Mbappe’s sharp statement after the statements of Noel Le Grand

Kylian Mbappe takes the field. Just hours after Noel Le Grae’s intervention on RMC Sport, which received widespread condemnation on social media, the Paris Saint-Germain striker defended his senior in the Blues. “Zidane is France, we don’t treat the legend with such disrespect…,” he tweeted on Sunday evening.

A guest on the Bartoli Time program hosted by former tennis player Marion Bartoli, Noel Le Grae was indeed interrogated about the fate of Zinedine Zidane, rumors of him being sent to Brazil, or even possible discussions he might have had with the former blues star. But the President of the French Football Federation quickly sank: “I have nothing to shake, he can go where he wants. He can go where he wants in a club in Europe, he will have as much as he wants. Compilation, I can hardly believe it.”

He assured that he did not contact or try to contact the 1998 world champion. “Of course not. I would not even take it on the phone, – the president of the federation believes. Tell him what? Good morning sir. Don’t worry, look for another club, I agree with Didier. [Il s’adresse aux présentateurs de l’émission] You are very Zidane, give him a special show.” Words that were therefore clearly not to the liking of number 10 Blue.

Source: Le Parisien

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