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DT SURVEY: How will Cristiano Ronaldo fare in the Arab league?

Carlos Univazo, host and creator of Cancha rival

I wish you the best. Cristiano is out of the lot in Arab football. Normally MLS and Arab soccer are leagues where players who have been notable never disappoint. There are the cases of Beckham, Ibrahimovic. One can draw the line, players from the Peruvian team who in other countries have not had stellar moments in that football break it, like Carrillo or Cueva. Cristiano, who is a difficult megacrack not to break it. He is also competitive, he never plays at half speed, he is always thinking about his records. If he plays 100% he’s going to break it.

Sergio Moreno, GOLPERU journalist

It will go very well. For the quality of player that he is, for his experience and for his desire to show the world that he is still valid for football. Still, I feel that it will only be there for one season, since it is a league that is far from having the level of demand of Spain, Italy or England. Knowing how competitive Cristiano is, he will be comfortable for a season, but he will miss that competition every weekend at the highest level like in Europe.

Angelo Torres, journalist

Cristiano Ronaldo showed, with his goals and his class, that he still has the talent to stand out in Europe, but his egocentrism left him offside given the options he had. CR7 prioritized the economic factor (which is not bad) for the last stage of his career. His most fervent fans preferred to have seen him in a top European team, but they also justify his decision to take him to Saudi Arabia. He will surely score many goals and be the star of the tournament, but only in the future will we know if that will be enough for his ego and complicated personality.

Percy Ramos, reporter at DSports

For many it is not the perfect place for Cristiano Ronaldo to end his career. They even point out that anchoring in Arabia stains his CV. However, these criticisms strengthen CR7 who immediately responded with a brace in their first game in the Middle East. The title of star scorer is not erased so easily, yesterday it was an indication.

Anderson López, journalist at Radio Ovación

CR7 is a complete player. Yesterday, in the Riyadh Season, he showed that it will not be difficult for him to play in the Saudi Arabian league, I even dare to say that he will get tired of scoring goals. Finish? No not yet. They have a physical condition in perfect condition that allows them to practice any other sport at the highest level.

Cristiano will debut this weekend after two dates of suspension that he had with Manchester United.

Bruno Cabala, sports driver at Willax News

I think it will go well. Compared to his last stays in Calcio and the Premier League, now Cristiano will play in a lower level league where he is the exclusive figure. At Juventus he was hungry for sporting glory, and he got local titles and personal distinctions that seemed not to be enough. When he arrived at United in his second stage, he believed that he could continue fighting in the European elite, but his team in transition did not allow it, and this is also where the worst face of CR7 appeared: selfish and unprofessional decisions that helped his premature team departure. In Al-Nassr it will be different, in the Saudi league it will be different, there is no more important figure than Cristiano Ronaldo. Rudi García, a technician with a lot of experience, knows that the Portuguese is closing his career and he wants to do it with the flashlights on him. He will help him that Al Nassr always fights for the title. André Carrillo’s Hilal could complicate him in that fight.

Sebastián Menéndez, journalist at Radio Ovación

He has all the conditions to have a great season. From financial to football, he has the comfort to make history at Al Nasrr. Infrastructure, swollen. He was seen in a good partnership with ‘Pity’ Martínez, who is his teammate. They made many walls, diagonals between the two. He will win many titles. One of the objectives is to reduce the streak of Al-Hilal, which has 18 titles, unlike Al-Nasrr, which has 9. With Cristiano, they will seek to reduce that gap. Everything is given for Cristiano to continue making history and also for that value to be added to the Arabian league, which has been evolving every year. In our country it was criticized a lot, it was seen as a league inferior to ours, but it has everything to continue growing.

Source: Elcomercio

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