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The UnoxUno of Peru vs.  Colombia in the South American Sub-20

The UnoxUno of Peru vs. Colombia in the South American Sub-20

The UnoxUno of Peru vs.  Colombia in the South American Sub-20

A defeat that hurts, a score that reflects anger and sadness on the faces of the Peruvian players in the middle sector of the playing field before the joy of the Colombians, who hug, celebrate, smile: they are aware that with very little they won 2 -1 to Peru for the second date of Group A of the South American Sub-20 Championship.

It is clear that the physical issue has shown that it is difficult for Peru to sustain results and that Dieter Vásquez’s goal, little or nothing, has served in such a short tournament, where errors are paid dearly. For their part, those led by Héctor Cárdenas found victory with a brace from Óscar Cortés, who appeared in the 44th and 73rd minute of the game.

With this result, Peru, after two games, has added zero points and is on the brink of elimination from the South American, they have two games left against Paraguay and Argentina respectively. If Professor Jaime Serna intends to turn this complicated situation around, he must make significant adjustments in the next two duels that will be life or death. This Monday we will face Paraguay, who arrives motivated after beating Albiceste 2-1 and who together with Colombia are currently the leaders of the group.

Sebastian Amasifuen (5)

He avoided some goal options against strong shots from Colombia. In the first goal it was not his fault, since Óscar Cortés’s shot was a powerful shot, cornered and impossible to save. However, in the second goal, he did not go out to cut the center due to a technical error: he always stays on target. That is why Cortés beat his goal again with a powerful header. Something favorable about him is his good play with his feet, since he has an excellent goal kick. In this way, Peru managed to open the scoring.

Gilmar Paredes (5)

The right-back left the playing field on a stretcher when the clock marked minute 59 ‘to make way for Sebastián Aranda. While he was on the field of play he was attentive to the mark, he sought to be an attacking weapon on the right wing and to look for the associative game with the midfielders. Even when he started the second half and was placed on the left wing after Nicolás Amasifuén’s injury, he did not fit in either.

Anderson Villacorta (5)

At first he was solid defensively. He also showed that he had a good footing to go one on one. Attentive to his area and when he had to cut he did it. In the Colombian goals he was not to blame. He suffered a cramp and that is not a minor issue, since he was the third soccer player from Peru who suffered muscle pain in the game. He left the field of play in the 77th minute and was replaced by Alex Custodio.

Aaron Sanchez (4)

So far he has not shown the confidence that a player with a career in the First Division should have. On these two dates his performance has not been as expected. In Óscar Cortés’s goal, he was able to cut, but he waited for the Colombian to take a shot that beat Sebastián Amasifuen’s fence. Instead of rebuking his teammate Jack Carhuallanqui, who couldn’t cut the ball off Gustavo Puerta, who physically outplayed the Peruvian midfielder, he should have recognized that he could have done more to prevent the goal.

Nicolas Amasifuen (5)

In the first half, he sought to project himself on his left wing and be an attacking option for the Blanquirroja. He shows dedication, but he needs a little more physique to better close his area. An injury caused him to be changed before the start of the second half. He had a chance to score in the first half as the clock ticked down to 18 minutes, but his header was weak.

Nicolás Amasifuen was always attentive to the brand

Jack Carhuallanqui (5)

It is the lung of Peru in the midfield. Perhaps he lacks more vigor to cut in the game, he could do something more in the play of Colombia’s first goal. On many occasions he was not only attentive to his job of scoring, but also asked for the ball in the middle to be an option for creating or distributing the ball.

Jack Carhuallanqui was the lung of Peru's midfield despite the defeat against Colombia

Gonzalo Aguirre (6)

The Nueva Chicago midfielder showed a better presentation than in the match against Brazil. He knows with the ball, he doesn’t burn, and he also hits when necessary. At times, he played against the physical issue, but he was seen more sharp.

Dieter Vasquez (6)

During the minutes he was on the playing field, he was incisive in attack, seeking to be Catriel Cabellos’s partner, and that was how Peru’s goal came. It all began at minute 36 of the match, when after a long kick by goalkeeper Sebastián Amasifuen, the ball complicated the Colombian defenders, Catriel Cabellos took advantage of the lack of concentration, made a luxurious hat and assisted Diether Vásquez, who finished off in a good way for 1-0. He was on the field until minute 63 ′. He was traded for Kenji Cabrera.

Diether Vásquez celebrates his goal with the Peru shirt

Catriel Cabellos (7)

He assumed the role of leader, which was what he had to do for being from Racing de Avellaneda. He many times he sacrificed himself to cut the game in the middle of the field. It was so much so that in minute 69 ′ he received a yellow card. In Diether Vásquez’s goal he was not selfish and he gave up the ball for him to score the goal as he was in a better position. They have two games left to continue at that level and try to change history in favor of the Bicolor.

Andre Vazquez (4)

He did not have an outstanding performance, he tried to press and help in the mark. He also sought to be participatory looking for the ball, but he lacked more confidence to finish off the goal.

Bruno Portugal (5)

He was combative, fought and pressured the opponent’s exit, but had no luck to find himself outlined and finish off more on goal. He was on the playing field until minute 56 ′. He was traded for Sebastien Pineau.

Bruno Portugal fighting for the ball with Daniel Pedrozo


Kluiverth Aguilar (4)

He entered the right wing at halftime due to the injury of Nicolás Amasifuen, but so far he has not shown an outstanding level according to someone who plays abroad. It seems that he physically and mentally he is still not one hundred percent to show why Manchester City Group bought the pass card from him. He has two games left to change his attitude and show all the talent he has.

Sebastian Pineau (4)

He came on in the 56th minute for Bruno Portugal, however he was unable to prevent Peru’s defeat. His presence did not create a danger for the defense of Colombia.

Kenji Cabrera (4)

He entered the field of play in the 63rd minute for Diether Vásquez, he tried to do damage, he had the ball, but it was controlled by the Colombian defense.

Sebastian Aranda (4)

He entered the field of play in the 63rd minute due to the injury of Gilmar Paredes. Eight minutes later he was passed by Óscar Cortés, who beat him in the air, taking two heads from him to find the winning goal. Then, he tried to control the attacks and had two important saves that prevented the score from widening.


Source: Elcomercio

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