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Barcos and Sabbag, the incredible story behind the relationship between Alianza’s scorers

“He’s the ‘9’ with whom I’ve gotten along the best”, he stated after the blue and white victory on the cream field. That relationship, that bond that seems to be indestructible, was shown in the big hug they gave each other. It was not a commitment, nor was it a gesture for the cameras. He was sincere, from friend to friend, from two professionals who are fighting for a place in the starting eleven but who get along wonderfully in training. It is also the example of what Alianza Lima is: a family.

After two years being the undisputed ‘9’ of Alianza -and with complete justice-, Hernán was told that for this 2023 they were going to look for one more striker outside. The ‘Pirate’ was chosen as the best player of last season, but in Matute they wanted to make a further leap in quality. That is why the chosen one ended up being Pablo Sabbag, a Colombian of meter 88, more than 82 kilos in weight, and with a game very similar to that of Barcos.

Hernán’s reaction was not surprising in the offices of José Bellina, sports manager. But it was confirmation, once again, of what they signed in 2021: an integral footballer, who had not come to the club to rest his bones but to inject hierarchy into a squad that had just suffered the worst news of all times a few months ago. modern: relegation to League 2. Upon learning that Sabbag was going to be his competition, the Argentine picked up his cell phone and wrote to him on Instagram welcoming him. “He told me that he was coming to a great team. He talks to me every day, that’s why I went to celebrate with him”, said the ‘Sheikh’.

“He’s a great player, I said it as soon as he arrived, he has a great future, he has a lot of personality, I hope he continues to do well,” Barcos said of his partner. “I told him before the game to play calmly, that these games are much more mental than physical and he did it perfectly,” he added. At almost 39 years old -he will be on April 11-, Hernán is the leader and guide of an Alianza that excites with the three-time championship.

The relationship between the strikers is very good from day one. El Comercio was able to meet both of them from a source close to them who get along well and talk a lot during training. Is it true that Barcos called you before the signing to tell you about Alianza? Yes. Is it true that he explained some details about the Peruvian tournament and the sports project for the Copa Libertadores? Also. Sabbag tries to take advantage of it and learn from the experience of a star like Barcos who has traveled the world, played with Messi in the Argentine team and is so far the top scorer in the history of the South American. And the ‘Pirate’ does not hesitate to be his teacher, his guide.

Hernán Barcos, the best thing that happened to Alianza Lima

Hernán Barcos did not come to Alianza Lima to play, he came to transcend. To do work, to write his story in Peru in capital letters, to delve into the emotional memory of a people. Since he set foot in Lima to defend the blue and white in those turbulent first months of 2021, every gesture on and off the field has exalted him. Although there are those who doubt the veracity of his actions and slander him from anonymity. Waldir Sáenz, historic scorer, for example.

The hypothesis they weave is that Barcos hugs fans, gives away shirts, supports charities, cares about the women’s team, organizes barbecues to welcome newcomers to the team, carries Jefferson Farfán on his shoulders in the 2021 title and gives him a house to the woman who takes care of her children because, quite simply, he is a consummate actor. A calculator that types each of his steps to earn the unconditional affection of the bar that fills more stadiums in Peru.

That actor who has multiple personalities is the main protagonist to whom Alianza owes the good, the bad and the great that it has achieved in the last two years. Bringing in a veteran is always a risky bet for more stripes he has. It can be ‘broken’, be useful in a few games and end up as a figurehead. But Hernán Barcos is the best thing that happened to Alianza Lima -and to Peruvian soccer- in years. Whoever questions it, go ahead. But there will be plenty to counter it with.

The numbers support the ‘Pirate’. He is the most influential player in the last two years -the two-time championship- with 28 goals and 14 assists. He is a scorer and also ’10 ′. And, as if that were not enough, he was a goalkeeper in a vital match for the intimate in Ayacucho last year. The Argentine not only dictates Alianza’s path on the pitch, but also in what they score outside. He organized a barbecue for Edgar Benítez’s farewell to which several players attended with his families, and then organized a meeting to welcome Gino Peruzzi and Paolo Hurtado (today in Cienciano). The leader is present at all times, also when he has to teach his ‘secrets’ to his competition.

Source: Elcomercio

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