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They reveal attempted aggression from Cuadrado to Handanovic after Juventus vs. Inter | VIDEO

The semifinal first leg of the Italian Cup between Juventus vs. Inter de Milan left a controversial scene: at the end of the game, John William Square he was sent off after fighting with Handanovic on the field of play.

The Colombian scored the partial 1-0 for Juventus, but Romelu Lukaku appeared in discounts to decree parity from the penalty spot. Now, once the commitment is over, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado entered into a discussion with Samir Handanovic. After exchanging several words, the goalkeeper went over to the side and the two got involved in a brawl.

The novelty is that, in some new images on Italian television, it is seen that Cuadrado throws a punch at his rival, although it does not hit him. “Here is the hook from Cuadrado to Handanovic. This is a 5 match disqualification gesture. If I remember correctly, in case of serious violent conduct in the Italian Cup, the disqualifications would extend to the league”, commented the Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri.

When will Juventus vs. Inter?

The return match between the two teams will be played on April 26, starting at 2:00 p.m. in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, at the San Siro stadium.

Source: Elcomercio

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