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With the usual talent: the traditional Monsefú Masters Championship returns to action after three years

The Peruvian north does not lose joy. Despite the years of pandemic and now the rains and heat that overwhelms them, sport is a source of joy for the citizens of the northern towns, especially Monsefú.

15 kilometers from Chiclayo, Monsefú is the center of many traditions in Lambayeque, such as its culture and gastronomy, and a very peculiar championship is held there. It started as clashes between families and has now moved to the entire town with the 2023 Master Soccer Championship.

After three years of absence due to the pandemic, the veteran soccer lovers have put on their soccer shoes again to play this traditional tournament, renowned in the region. It is played by people over 40 years of age, but with a youthful sportsmanship.

This weekend a new version of the Monsefú Masters 2023 Championship was inaugurated with the duel between Sport 28 de Julio (Nanfuñay Family) and the Quiroz Family and was don wilfredoan illustrious character of the town, who was in charge of giving him the play of honor.

“The purpose of carrying out this type of sporting event is to promote the reunion of footballers of yesteryear who gave laurels to our sport, but at the same time, allow a space where it can be shared with the family,” said the Municipality of Monsefú about the tournament.

The inauguration had its usual parade of each of the 26 teams, which bear family names, and after a small show where there was no lack of the traditional northern sailor. A great party was lived throughout Monsefú for this tournament.

Northern sailor, as it should be.  (Photo: Alonso Chero / El Comercio)
The teams that started the tournament.  (Photo: Alonso Chero / El Comercio)
(Photo: Alonso Chero / El Comercio)
(Photo: Alonso Chero / El Comercio)

Lawyer Oswaldo Pisfil Capuñay He has been in charge of organizing the entire contest and the start has been given to perfection. Now the ball is already rolling on the field.

The tournament is played by 26 teams divided into two groups. The level is high since the talent remains in the experienced players like those of the Colegio San Carlos 1981 promotion, which is looking for the title of the contest.

Source: Elcomercio

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