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“He did better than in his natural position”: Advíncula, the comparison with Vinícius and how he prepared to be the new winger of Boca

Jorge Almirón’s bet went perfectly, but it was nothing new for Lucho. Born in El Carmen, Chincha, he started in soccer as a striker and winger. In 2009 he made his debut at Juan Aurich under the guidance of Luis Fernando Suárez, playing on the wings, coming on in some cases for William Chiroque. In the northern team he scored a goal before arriving at Sporting Cristal the following year.

It was at Cristal that he “discovered”, thanks to Roberto Mosquera, the position that would lead him to have a great career in international football. “He told me: ‘Luis, do you want to play?’ I answered yes. ‘Then you’re going to play marker’”, recounted the Peruvian about a talk he had with the coach with whom he emerged champion in 2012 as a right back. When he was from Rimense, according to the columnist for Deporte Total, Jerónimo Pimentel, Advíncula trained on his own, at night, with Professor Víctor Reyes Condori to polish the projections for his sector, the centers with both legs, and above all the fast closures in defence”.

After a stint in European football and a subsequent return to Rímac, Advíncula set foot in Argentina for the first time in 2016 to defend the colors of Newell’s Old Boys from Rosario. In the team that saw Lionel Messi grow up before going to Barcelona, ​​Lucho played in his natural position: right winger. But he also played as a winger, just as he did in the Gareca era on a few occasions. One of the most remembered was in the friendly against Colombia (1-0 loss) in the United States. The current Boca player, the ‘Tiger’ tested it in front of Aldo Corzo.

praised it Juan roman riquelme, idol of the club and current vice president. The Peruvian earned applause for his performance in the 90 minutes and the assist he gave for Xeneize’s second goal.

Juan Román’s words were not the only ones that highlighted the great match that Lucho had against Racing that had Guerrero on the substitute bench. The media “TyC Sports”, on its website, placed him at the same level as Vinícius Jr., attacker for Real Madrid. “Boca had its Vinícius: Advíncula, Almirón’s plenary against Racing. The coach surprised with the Peruvian, a usual winger, as a winger and had his reward: ‘Rayo’ broke it and was the figure of the team”, said web portal published.

“He did better in his new position than in his natural role and that’s a good sign. He had a surprise and was decisive in the second goal. Besides, He gave Boca something that he did not have in recent games: variants in attack. Lately Boca depended on Villa in attack, yesterday with the appearance of Advíncula as a winger, Boca disoriented Racing and in the first 20 minutes he submitted it “analyzed for Total Sport, Argentine journalist for Super Deportivo Radio.

According to what he tells us a press man for the newspaper Olé, which covers the daily life of Boca, Almirón proposed to Luis and Marcelo Weigandt (he ended up as a winger) to play in that position. “He showed them videos assuring that it was possible to play like this and that ‘the match against Racing is going to go that way'”he added. The coach had already mapped out what could happen in the game and it did.

“I think that Almirón, in the absence of Langoni, Zeballos (two players who play as wingers) had enough intelligence and vision to think of Advíncula in that sector. At first it was a surprise, because no one imagined that Lucho could play in that position, but Nunia counts from his side.

advíncula He accepted the challenge of being a winger again and was rewarded with being the best against Racing, one week away from the super clásico against River Plate, and also winning public praise from Juan Roman riquelme, word authorized in the Boca World. Lucho, yes, he is not the first Peruvian valued abroad. Next we review some particular cases of national players being praised by cracks.

Peruvians praised by world stars


Pele and Perico Leon

“He would be the king if he had been born in Brazil”

His name was Edson Arantes do Nascimento, but football made him its ‘king’ and history will remember him with a universal diminutive: Pelé. Paradoxically, it is the black and white images that best capture all the light and brilliance that this genius brought to football.

Precisely, his football would make him face the Lima Alliance of yesteryear in the 60s. Likewise, I would highlight the game of a legend of our Peruvian football: Perico León. Perico was one of the most complete strikers of his time. “Complete because he headed like Valeriano López and finished off like Lolo Fernández, all from a picture similar to that of Paolo Guerrero, only in his century,” Mario Fernández, a journalist from El Comercio who closely followed the best years of the Peruvian team.

Perico was so good that Pelé himself filled him with praise. “I remember when we went on tour throughout Brazil for almost three months and at an airport we met Pelé’s Santos. We were waiting for the time to get on the plane when suddenly we saw a crowd of people coming and inside of everything was Pelé, who was coming where ‘Perico’ León was. He hugged him, they had a unique friendship. There the journalists asked him who would be the king if he were not there and Pelé pointed to ‘Perico’. ‘He would be the king if he had been born in Brazil,’” Víctor ‘Pitín’ Zegarra told us in an interview.


The origin of a new nickname

Solano and Maradona

The origin of a new nickname

August 22, 1997. Probably that date is still kept in the memory of Nolberto Solano. That day, the Peruvian had his first training session with Boca Juniors, his new club after leaving Sporting Cristal. After the physical work, ‘Nol’ stole everyone’s attention with his free kicks. Already with Cristal he had dazzled with his great goals from outside the area.

“The coach called me and told me to join him, and I started practicing with Diego. That’s how this relationship started. Maradona defended me on the field as if he had known me for 20 years, ”Solano recounted in an interview in 2020.

His great percentage of efficiency in free kicks led Diego Maradona himself to baptize Solano as the ‘Maestrito’. From that moment on, the world idol and champion in Mexico in 1986 wrapped up the Peruvian, who thanks to his talent with the ball earned a name in a Boca Juniors full of figures such as ‘D10S’, Martín Palermo, Claudio Paul Caniggia, Diego Latorre, Óscar Córdoba, among others.


"I always said that I would love to have met him at 24, 25 and 26 years old"

Guardiola and Claudio Pizarro

“I always said that I would love to have met him at 24, 25 and 26 years old”

For many, the best Peruvian soccer player who represented us abroad. Champion of everything in Germany and Europe with Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen. Claudio Pizarro earned the respect and recognition of the best. One of them was Pep Guardiola, the current Manchester City coach, who directed him at Bayern.

“I always said that I would love to have met him at 24, 25 and 26 years old. He’s one of the best finishers I’ve ever seen, he’s not just an area forward. The quality he has reminds me a bit of Benzema”, Guardiola acknowledged, in a virtual conference, three days after a new duel for the Premier League.

Josep Guardiola and Claudio Pizarro spent two seasons at Bayern Munich (2013-14 and 2014-15), where they won the Bundesliga, German Cup and Club World Cup. For the man from Santpedor, the ‘Bombardero de los Andes’ was an important spare part.

Source: Elcomercio

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