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“If there is something to highlight, it is the Racing Club de Lens”, Jean-Louis Leca praises the work of his club after the victory against Marseille


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At the Velodrome stadium,

Happiness in its purest form. The Racing Club de Lens made a superb performance on Sunday night against Olympique de Marseille, crowned with a great victory (3-2), which is more on the outside, for the 8th day of Ligue 1. “I am proud and happy with the result, but beyond the result, I am proud of our performance. We played with intentions, with personality. Winning in this way here, against this team, it gives a lot of joy and pride ”, perfectly summed up Franck Haise, Lensois coach, at the end of the meeting.

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The Blood and Gold have returned to their match perfectly, making a previously undefeated OM unrecognizable. Even going so far as to lead 2-0 after the opening of the score from Sotoca from the penalty spot (9th), and a jewel of a curled shot from Frankowski (27th). It took a gala Dimitri Payet, with a magnificent free kick (33rd), then a penalty (45th + 3), to keep the Marseillais afloat at half-time.

“We can say bravo to both teams”

But the Lensois remained the same without really doubting, sure of their strength and their tactical organization. “What I like is to achieve this match over time, with a parity score at half-time and a little frustration at being brought up. But we continued to play, to offer play, to defend well. It’s a lot of joy, it’s good for the club, ”savored Franck Haise.

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Because after having “taken the lightning”, in the words of Jean-Louis Leca, the northern goalkeeper, and in particular a strike on the bar from Under and a header from Bamba Dieng, the Lensois managed to win this match thanks to to a header from Wesley Said, who had just entered (71st). The two teams went head-to-head throughout the second half, putting on a superb show for this Sunday night poster. “We can say well done to both teams, there aren’t many teams that have caused us so many problems since the start of the season. It’s great to see teams with the will to play, to animate differently and so much the better. But above all, so much the better for us to emerge victorious, ”underlined Franck Haise.

“It’s a family and you can feel it”

Coach Lensois is the other big winner of the evening, in this duel of playing teams, and he is clearly doing an incredible job with this group. As evidenced by the large banana displayed by Jean-Louis Leca at a press conference. “There is a lot of pride, tonight I would like to highlight what the club has been doing for 4 years, highlight the work and the quality of our staff, our coach, highlight the work of our leaders, President. When you come out of a party like that, in a match that can really turn against us, in a molten Velodrome, keeping this calm, putting your foot on the ball, with this continuity for several months, it is only positive, ”he said.

“If there is something to highlight, it is the Racing Club de Lens”, repeated Jean-Louis Leca several times. And if Seko Fofana, Florian Sotoca or the very young David Pereira Da Costa, for his first tenure, were very good, it is the Lensois collective to highlight. “We often talk about a group, a team, there it is a family and it is felt”, summarized Leca, imitated by his coach: “If I had to have a little word on each monstrous player, I will stay there for a long time . It is the collective that is exceptional ”. And which allows Lens to overtake OM and take second place in the standings.


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