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What system would Rebagliati, Fleischman, Egúsquiza and Kanashiro use to face Paraguay?

Nine are the players who are not part of Juan Reynoso’s final roster to face Paraguay and Brazil. That is, more than half the team out of action: Christian Cueva, Edison Flores, Gianluca Lapadula, Pedro Aquino, Bryan Reyna, Anderson Santamaría, Carlos Zambrano, Jhilmar Lora and Alexander Callens.

What national team coach do you resemble?

With all this, El Comercio conducted a survey with leading sports journalists to answer the following questions.

1. With what system would you play in the debut against Paraguay?

2. What would the eleven be like with so many casualties?

3. With all this that is happening to Peru -eight casualties, change of venue-, how will we fare against Paraguay and Brazil?

Peruvian team in Videna.

Diego Rebagliati – Movistar Sports

1.- It would be 1-4-5-1 to defend and 1-4-3-3 to attack.

2.- Gallese; Advíncula, Araujo, Callens [NdR: no viajó, lo reemplazaría Abram], Trauco; Tapia, Yotún, Polo, Carrillo, Christofer Gonzales and Guerrero

3.- I’m happy with two points.

Daniel Kanashiro – Direct TV

1.- It would have to appeal to a system to which the players are more adapted. Historically the defense has worked better with four than five, a well-populated midfield and a 9.

2.- So many last-minute casualties make it difficult to predict an eleven. The only thing that remains clear is that the starters are Gallese, Advíncula, Tapia, Carrillo and Guerrero. Next to them any of those summoned can play and we will have to wait for the last minute to find out.

3.- It is a complicated present due to the injury issue, but it is also the opportunity for Reynoso to put together 2 very tactical games in his own way. It already depends on the level of conviction that the TC has, added to the little time of work in the field that you have to look for positive results these first two days. Personally, I am calm adding in Paraguay, for being a direct rival. I have the perception that between Peru, Chile and Paraguay there will be a fight for that one and a half place in the World Cup.

Fernando Egusquiza – Latin

1.- I would use the system that best suits this selection 4-2-3-1

2.- Gallese; Advíncula, Araujo, Callens [NdR: no viajó, lo reemplazaría Abram], Trauco; Tapia, Yotún, Polo, Carrillo, Christofer Gonzales and Guerrero.

3.- I think we can aspire to win it in Ciudad del Este, however, it is very possible that we will lose against Brazil, since we don’t have our best team.

Eddie Fleischman – Willax TV

1.- It would be a 4-2-3-1

2.- Gallese; Advíncula, Araujo, Callens [no viajó], Trauco; Tapia, Yotun; Grimaldo, Carrillo, Gonzales; Ruidíaz or (Valera). He would not start with Guerrero. I prefer him coming on against a defense with wear and tear to take advantage of the little good that he can still contribute. From what Reynoso said (“he is a great player”), the coherent thing would be for Ruidíaz to go before Valera.

3.- It would be ideal to win in Paraguay, but I’m not very optimistic. It would not be bad to add at least one point in these two games.

Rodrigo Morales – Direct TV

1. I would play 4-3-2-1.

2. Gallese; Advíncula, Araujo, Callens (Abram), Trauco; Tapia, Cartagena, Yotun; Gonzales, Carrillo; Warrior

3. I don’t really know how it’s going to go, but I trust Reynoso a lot beyond the names available and injured. I think he is a coach who knows how to adapt very well to different situations because he has precisely worked many variants for the different circumstances of the game.

Source: Elcomercio

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