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Jhonny Baldovino: “If there is an issue of force majeure, Guerrero has to convince Vallejo and not the Federation”

The Peruvian scorer, Paolo Guerrerowas announced as a brand new reinforcement of the Cesar Vallejo University of League 1 I bet you, and everything was ready for him to play his first game in the Peruvian tournament, although it seems that this would not finally happen.

In the last few hours, information was spread that distances the forward from the club in the north of the country, apparently, for personal reasons.

In this regard, Jhonny Baldovino, advisor to the Peruvian Soccer Players Association, gave some details of the options that Guerrero would have to end his relationship with Vallejo.

“If there is an issue of force majeure, Paolo Guerrero has to convince the César Vallejo University and not the Federation. The UCV would have to accept that, otherwise they will get into a controversy and that would delay their release and the pass book closes on February 26 and that works against them,” he said in statements to the YouTube program ‘Mano a Mano ‘.

“What the statute of the FIFA regulations says in its Article 1, referring to the scope of application of the FIFA standard, it says in Mandatory Articles, which also applies to national football, but FIFA gives priority to labor legislation. internal,” he added.

In statements to the press, the afternoon of this Tuesday, February 13, the regional governor of La Libertad, César Acuña, confirmed that Paolo Guerrero was the victim of threats.

“The same day he signed the contract, criminals threatened his mother. So, I think he is meditating between his family and football,” she said.


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