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‘Fefa’ Lacoste and the crude message for more investment in women’s football

In Peru, women’s soccer is generating more and more followers, but if these adhesions do not go hand in hand with the investment that is injected into the tournament, the development of this category will not prosper. And ‘Fefa’ Lacoste, captain and champion with Universitario de Deportes, knows this well.

Upon learning that in Brazil more than 5 million dollars will be invested in the development of the 2024 Brazilian Women’s Championship. In addition, this tournament will have other implementations such as VAR, the payment of arbitrations and other logistics, transportation and doping expenses.

“And when you really want women’s football to grow, this happens,” said ‘Fefa’ after sharing the news.

“The thing is that one does not ask that the money be invested as in Brazil today because they are ahead of many federations, only that each country invest what is necessary for women’s football to grow little by little. And the football level is going to grow on its own,” she concluded.

Source: Elcomercio

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