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Salsabor All Stars Band presents album in tribute to Zambo Cavero

After the success achieved in its recent presentation in our country, the Salsabor All Stars Band orchestra launched its new musical production titled “Remembering the great Zambo Cavero with all the heart”, which is now available on different musical platforms and on CD.

This production contains classic songs from the repertoire of the remembered Creole performer in salsa version, highlighting the promotional song “Olga”.

There are also songs by renowned Peruvian composers, but that became popular in the voice of our beloved Zambo Cavero such as “Cariño Bonito”, “Sigue tu Rumbo”, “Déjalos”, “Cada Domingo a las 12”, “Se finá y Punto”, “Dijiste Adiós”, “My ashes” and “Our secret”, the latter also in a bolero version.

Made up of Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Colombians, the Salsabor All Stars Band brings together 16 musicians, whose main vocalist is the Cuban Marco Domenech, under the tutelage of the Peruvian producer Óscar Huaranga and the outstanding direction of Juan Padrón, founder of the orchestra.

“The album has been produced in Peru by Oscar Huaranga and now we are on all musical platforms and music lovers can also purchase the CD. It is a well-deserved tribute to a great of Creole music, but in our style, always respecting the great legacy that Zambo Cavero left behind and we hope you like it.”said Juan Padrón, founder of Salsabor All Stars Band.

“We are going to continue working hard to make our orchestra known and we plan in the near future to collaborate with artists from different countries, including Peruvian artists.”Padrón concluded.

Source: Elcomercio

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