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What Cristian Benavente is doing a few hours from Peru – Bolivia

Cristian Benavente It has been one of the great absences in the last calls of the peruvian team. The ex Real Madrid and Royal Charleroi Sporting of Belgium has not played for 10 months and, precisely, has published an image on his Instagram, where you can see that he is still training for when he is given the opportunity to return to the ring.

In recent years, Benavente He has joined that endless list of Peruvian footballers who are called promises and who have often fallen by the wayside. With 27 years, the Kid today is very far from that universe of footballers who Ricardo Gareca has in his head, because he has not played an official game since December 2020.

What Cristian Benavente is doing a few hours from Peru – Bolivia

The name of Cristian Benavente lives in the memory of the fans of the peruvian team. Every time the midfielder is mentioned, the fans get excited. The Hispanic-Peruvian soccer player a few hours after the match between Peru and Bolivia, has been seen on his social networks.

The player of the Pyramids FC posted a story on Instagram, where you can see that he is about to train, in a small space, which looks more like a conditioned gym inside the place where he lives. Definitely, Benavente, has in mind to stay in good physical condition, so that at any time he can show off his football again in his current club or in another.

According testify, journalist Ahmad Jamal Ali, reported that the Egyptian club does not take into account the Peruvian and seeks to transfer him. “What is known is that Pyramids he is looking for a transfer agreement for Benavente, as he is not part of the club team at the moment “said the reporter for the KingFut portal.

Benavente’s difficult numbers

Cristian Benavente he has been 7 months without playing an official game. His last time was 26 of February of this month, where played the last 20 minutes with Charleroi, a team that did not renew the loan of the pass, which belongs to the Pyramids. Precisely, the Egyptian club does not have it in its plans, that is why it has not been able to play in the League so far this year, since it was not registered.

His present is not encouraging. The last time he played a full 90 minute game was on December 10, 2020, when faced Tottenham for the Europa League with Antwerp. Since then, he has not been able to hold a full game, either due to injury or the decision of his coach on duty.

What time do Peru and Bolivia play for the Qualifiers?

The peruvian team will play this Sunday, October 10, 2021 in condition of visit in La Paz against Bolivia, for the date 12 of the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022. The game will be played from 3:00 p.m. in Peruvian territory and will be broadcast by America TV and Tigo Sports.


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