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Link, Cristal vs. match Comerciantes Unidos live online for Apertura 2024: schedule, when they play, live table, referee and more from League 1 I Bet You

United Merchants vs. Sporting Cristal LIVE ONLINE LIVE and FREE online. The light blue team and the yellow team will play a key duel for matchday 17 of the Apertura Tournament of the League 1 2024. The match will be played this Saturday, May 25 from 3:00 pm in Peru at the Germán Contreras Jara Municipal Stadium in Cajabamba. This clash could establish the Rimense team as the winner of the Apertura, as long as academic fall or draw before The Chankas in the Monumental. If the ‘U’ wins, the ‘Brewers’ must obtain a victory with a number of goals that helps them maintain the difference in goals they have over Ate’s team (+21 for the ‘U’ against +23 for the light blue team) . If you want to follow every detail of this new Sporting Cristal match, below we will tell you the schedule, where to watch on television, its place in the League 1 standings and more.

Despite having fallen 4-1 against Universitario at the Monumental stadium, the team led by Enderson Moreira reacted to the bad moment and crushed Unión Comercio 5-1 at home on the 16th. This result, added to the tie of the creams in Cusco against Cienciano, caused Cristal to regain the lead. In addition, Martín Cauteruccio scored a double and continues his scoring streak. The first option to win the Apertura is undoubtedly for the Rimenses.

The Brazilian strategist declared the following after the great celestial victory against Comercio. “There are 16 dates, it is the twelfth victory, a significant campaign is being carried out, it is difficult to win so many games in any league. We have a very difficult game away from home and we need to look for victory. “We are going to fight,” said the foreign coach who is completing his first season in Peruvian soccer.

Comerciantes Unidos, for its part, does not arrive at a good football moment. The team led by Carlos Silvestri fell 2-0 against ADT in Tarma and prolonged its irregular performance in the Apertura Tournament. It had a promising start in the first part of the year, however, it then chained several negative results. Their big goal is to qualify for an international tournament.

Where to watch on TV, Comerciantes Unidos vs. Sporting Cristal LIVE? Link available for League 1 MAX

This match, like the vast majority of League 1, can be seen on the DirecTV, Liga 1 Max and Claro TV signal for all of Peru. Also, you can follow the minute by minute on the DT El Comercio website.

What time do Comerciantes Unidos vs. Sporting Cristal, LIVE and ONLINE?

  • In Peru the game starts at 3:00 pm
  • In Ecuador the match starts at 3:00 pm
  • In Colombia the match starts at 3:00 pm
  • In Mexico the game starts at 2:00 pm
  • In Argentina the match starts at 5:00 pm
  • In Chile the match starts at 4:00 pm

What channel does Comerciantes Unidos vs. Sporting Cristal

This duel, long awaited by the fans of both clubs, will be broadcast on the L1 Max channel.

Where do Comerciantes Unidos vs. Sporting Cristal

This match will be played at the Germán Contreras Jara Municipal Stadium in Cajabamba

What were the latest results between Comerciantes Unidos vs. Sporting Cristal

Sporting Cristal 0 – 2 United Merchants

United Merchants 1 – 1 Sporting Cristal

United Merchants 1 – 3 Sporting Cristal

Sporting Cristal 3 – 0 Comerciantes Unidos

What were the latest results of Comerciantes Unidos and Sporting Cristal?

United Merchants

ADT 2 – 0 United Merchants

Sport Boys 1 – 1 United Merchants

United Merchants 3 – 1 Trade Union

University 6 – 0 United Merchants


Sporting Cristal 5 – 1 Unión Comercio

Universitario 4 – 1 Sporting Cristal

Sporting Cristal 2 – 1 Alianza Atlético

César Vallejo 2 – 1 Sporting Cristal

In what position in the table are Comerciantes Unidos and Sporting Cristal?

Sporting Cristal (1st place with 37 points)

Comerciantes Unidos (eighth place with 22 points)

What are the next matches for Comerciantes Unidos and Sporting Cristal?

ADT vs Sporting Cristal (Clausura Tournament – no programming)

United Merchants vs. Cienciano (Clausura Tournament – no programming)

Apertura 2024 Tournament standings table

What were the results of date 16 of the Apertura Tournament of League 1 2024

Friday, May 17

Atlético Grau 3-0 Cusco FC (Campeones del 36 stadium)

Saturday May 18

Sporting Cristal 5-1 Unión Comercio (Alberto Gallardo stadium)

Melgar 4-1 Sport Huancayo (UNSA stadium)

Sunday May 19

ADT 2-0 Comerciantes Unidos (Unión Tarma stadium)

Los Chankas 2-0 Alianza Atlético (Los Chankas stadium)

Carlos A. Mannucci 0-0 César Vallejo (Mansiche stadium)

Alianza Lima 3-2 Deportivo Garcilaso (National Stadium)

Monday, May 20

UTC 2-4 Sport Boys (Germán Contreras Stadium)

Cienciano 0-0 Universitario (Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Stadium)

What is the schedule for date 17 of the 2024 Apertura Tournament

Friday, May 24

– Cusco FC vs Alianza Lima (6:00 p.m. / Inca Garcilaso de la Vega stadium in Cusco / Liga 1 Max)

– César Vallejo vs Atlético Grau (8:30 p.m. / Mansiche stadium in Trujillo / Liga 1 Max)

Saturday May 25

– Sport Huancayo vs UTC (11:00 am / Huancayo IPD stadium / Liga 1 Max)

– Comerciantes Unidos vs Sporting Cristal (3:00 p.m. / Germán Contreras Jara de Cajabamba stadium / Liga 1 Max)

– Universitario de Deportes vs Los Chankas (3:00 p.m. / Monumental Stadium of Lima / GOLPERU)

– Deportivo Garcilaso vs Melgar (Schedule to be confirmed / Inca Garcilaso de la Vega stadium in Cusco / Liga 1 Max)

Sunday May 26

– Alianza Atlético vs Carlos A. Mannucci (2:30 p.m. / Campeones del 36 stadium in Piura / Liga 1 Max)

– Sport Boys vs ADT (3:00 p.m. / Miguel Grau stadium in Callao / GOLPERU)

Monday, May 27

– Unión Comercio vs Cienciano (2:30 p.m. / Carlos Vidaurre Stadium in Tarapoto / Liga 1 Max)

What is the Apertura Tournament

The Liga 1 Apertura Tournament is the first phase of the main professional soccer competition in Peru. League 1, also known as the First Division of Peruvian football, is structured into two annual tournaments: the Apertura Tournament and the Clausura Tournament. Each tournament is played in a round-robin format, where teams face each other in a series of matches over several dates.

The Apertura Tournament marks the beginning of the season and its champion is determined by the accumulation of points during the game days. The team that finishes in first position at the end of the Apertura Tournament is not only consecrated as the champion of that phase, but also obtains a place in the national final, where it will face the winner of the Clausura Tournament. The national final determines the absolute champion of League 1, who will represent Peru in international competitions.

This two-tournament format in League 1 seeks to promote competitiveness and excitement throughout the season, allowing different teams the opportunity to stand out in each phase and, eventually, compete for the title in the national final.

Source: Elcomercio

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