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Paris 2024 Olympics: climber Oriane Bertone gains momentum

Podium… but no victory. Returning to competition, Oriane Bertone, who has secured her ticket to the Paris Olympics in November 2023, was hoping to win the Bouldering World Cup in Salt Lake City, USA on May 6th. But the young athlete had to be content with 2nd place, with a large gap behind the untouchable American Natalia Grossman throughout the competition.

Not enough to erase the “smile” – that’s her facial expression – that she wears under any circumstances! “Oriana had a hard time reading block 3 well and it was punishing her,” explains her manager Thomas Laporte. However, this is usually one of her strengths: since she traveled a lot in the company of her father, with whom she climbed many boulders in nature, she has a huge repertoire for her 19 years. »

She works hard on training, to which she devotes five to eight hours a day.

An instinctive climber, light and airy, the vice-world champion must still increase his muscle strength without becoming heavier. “Me, when I gain 2 kilos and start climbing, not having the same level as Oriana, I immediately feel it! ” says Thomas Laporte. First of all, she works hard on her training, to which she now devotes five to eight hours a day.

Nicolas Januel, coach of the French national team, put an end to this after numerous marketing (Red Bull, BPCE, FDJ, etc.) and media requests (Envoyéspecial, C à vous, Quotidien, L’ Magazine). team”, “Le Parisien Week-End”…), which have drained his energy over the past five months. In the spotlight after her Olympic qualification, and her popularity increased tenfold thanks to her new climbing hobby, Oriane Bertone has to cope with the pressure that Laura Manaudou experienced before her in 2004 in Athens. Then, at the age of 17, the swimmer was also on the rise, destined to win gold in the 400-meter freestyle. He established himself both in the swimming pools and in the hearts of the French. Oriana will have to follow suit to win the combined bouldering and difficulty competition on August 10 at Le Bourget.

Source: Le Parisien

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