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“Bryan Reyna is a permanent fixture for the Copa América” and “it did him a lot of good to go to Argentina”: the reasons that explain why Fossati’s eleven can be in after his great presence in Belgrano

Bryan is a figure in Argentina and that is celebrated in the Videna de San Luis. The happiest: Jorge Fossati. Shortly after the start of the 2024 Copa América, the Uruguayan coach called him up for the friendlies prior to the continental tournament, but he has a good chance of even getting into the starting eleven. In the midst of his great present, El Comercio spoke with prominent journalists who analyze the national extreme.

Daniel Kanashiro – League 1 Max

1. I think that to call him, yes, as a starter, Fossati’s game does not fit what Reyna can offer.

2. Although he does not score much, the development of his game in an environment as difficult as the Argentine one means that he has gained confidence and in some issues that in the Peruvian League he would not be able to overcome, such as his ability being put to the test. service of the equipment and is useful.

Omar Dávila – Founder of El Bocón

1. Bryan Reyna is part of the relief team and must go to the Copa América.

2. In a more competitive and intense environment such as Argentine football, he has known how to earn a place, be a starter for his team and gain a rhythm of play that he can contribute to the national team.

Eddie Fleischman – El Comercio and Willax TV Contributor

1. He must go to the Copa América, he is one of the few forwards we have out with continuity.

2. It was good for him to go to a more intense and rigorous football, more physically demanding and more competitive in general. It improves when you compete at a higher level.

Bryan Reyna
His numbers in 2024 with Belgrano

South American Cup

Matches: 6

Headline: 5

Assists: 1

Big chances created: 1

Percentage of dribbles completed: 65%

Percentage of duels won: 53%

Professional Soccer League

Matches: 3

Holder: 2

Goals: 2

Assists: 1

Big chances created: 1

Percentage of dribbles completed: 58%

Percentage of duels won: 52%

Professional League Cup

Matches: 9

Headline: 8

Goals: 2

Big chances created: 1

Percentage of dribbles completed: 50%

Percentage of duels won: 46%

Via: SofaScore

Pamela Fernández – Ovation

1. Yes. Without a doubt. Today he is one of the most unbalanced players we have in the national team. In 1vs1 he can create a lot of danger. Argentine football has given more intensity and explosion to his game.

2. Today he is a “fixture” for the Copa América and I would dare to say that also for the starting eleven. He is entering a stage of maturity in his game and has to consolidate it. An outstanding debt for Reyna is to improve further in his definition. He hasn’t hit his ceiling yet.

Franco Lostaunau – ESPN

1. For me, he should go to the Copa América, but I think he is one of the players for whom Fossati’s training and system makes it difficult to find a position, because he is a winger. In the 3-5-2, the wingers have no place because the wingers are more wingers than wingers. Fossati placed Grimaldo as the third midfielder on the left and that may be Reyna’s position. I even think that he can be a second striker, but when I tell you this, I tell you that he will be a substitute and that he would be called as an alternative, to change the history of a game.

2. In Argentina things are going well, I think they are in a process of adaptation, that Argentine football does not forgive you for stopping running or not sweating your shirt. On the subject of statistics and reading to understand the game. He is a good player, unbalanced, he has minutes and it was a good decision to come to Argentine football. Let’s hope it goes well.

Source: Elcomercio

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