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May 29th Birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

On a May 29but in 1973 the Manu National Park was created, one of the largest reserves in the Peruvian Amazon.


1453.- Storming of Constantinople by the Turks, which puts an end to the Byzantine Empire.

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1856.- Inauguration of the telegraph line in between Caracas It is La Guaírathe first one that worked in Venezuela.

1914.- 1,021 people die of the 1,477 who traveled on the transatlanticEmpress of Ireland“, which sank after colliding with the Norwegian freighter”Storstad”in the estuary of Saint Lawrence River in Canada.

1934.- U.S It is Cuba sign a treaty that includes the abolition of the Platt amendment and total independence of the island.

1953.- The New Zealander Edmundo P. Hillaryaccompanied by Tense Sherpa Norgayclimbs, for the first time, to the summit of Everest (8,850 m.).

1966.- Opened in Aztec Stadium in Mexico City.

1969.- bursts into Cordoba (Argentina) a worker-student agitation movement, known as “cordobaço”, which caused the death of 14 people.

1970.- Former Argentine president Pedro Eugênio Aramburu is kidnapped and later murdered by a group that becomes known for the first time as the “Montoneros”.

1978.- More than 35 indigenous people die Kekchi riddled by him Guatemalan Army and local landowners, when they demonstrated peacefully in the square of the municipality of Panzos in protest against forced expropriation of their lands.

1985.- 39 people die and another 117 are injured in the Heysel Stadium in Brussels during an avalanche caused by English fans before the start of the World Cup Final match European football cupwho won the Juventus for the Liverpool.

2005.- Nearly two million participants in the Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo Demand that the Government approve a law same-sex marriage.

2014.- O Justice of Ecuador condemns the former president Jamil Mahuad to 12 years in prison for embezzlement of public funds.

2015.- Cuba officially leaves the list sponsors of terrorism which annually produces U.S.

2016.- Five mission members die UN in Mali (Menosma), in an ambush near Moptiin the center of the country.

2019.- Seven people die and another 21 are reported missing when a boat with 34 tourists on board capsizes Danube River at the height of Budapest.

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2020.- A prosecutor accuses the former Argentine president Mauricio Macri and his former intelligence chief by all means espionage.

2021.- Thousands of people demonstrate in more than 200 cities across the country Brazil against the president, JairBolsonaroIt is “for the life”, with more vacancies and help for the poor to face the pandemic.

2023.- Former Salvadoran president Mauricio Funes (2009-2014) is sentenced to 14 years in prison for crimes committed during his sentence.


1829.- Fernando Montes de OcaMexican hero.

1860.- Isaac AlbenizSpanish composer and pianist.

1894.- José von SternbergAmerican filmmaker of Austrian origin.

1903.- Bob hopeAmerican comic actor.

1911.- Fernando Chueca GoitiaSpanish architect.

1917.- John F. KennedyUS president

1919.- Simone OrtegaSpanish writer of French origin, author of cookbooks.

1942.- Oscar AlzagaSpanish politician, lawyer and teacher.

1944.- Helmut BergerAustrian actor.

1958.- Annette BeningAmerican actress.

1959.- Rupert EverettBritish actor.

1955.- Carme Forcadell LluísSpanish politics.

1956.- Toya JacksonAmerican singer.

1957.- Martin CaparrosArgentine writer.

1958.- Annette BeningAmerican actress.

1965.- Emílio Sánchez VicárioSpanish tennis player.

1982.- Ana Beatriz BarrosBrazilian model.


1857.- Augustine of AragonSpanish heroine of the war of independence against the French.

1942.- John BarrymoreAmerican film actor.

1958.- Juan Ramón JiménezSpanish writer and winner of the 1956 Nobel Prize.

1982.- Romy SchneiderAustrian film actress.

2003.- Armando LlamasSpanish-Argentine writer and playwright.

2010.- Dennis HopperAmerican actor.

2012.- Kaneto ShindoJapanese film director and screenwriter.

2017.- Manuel Antonio NoriegaPanamanian dictator.

2019.- José María Blanco IbarzSpanish comic artist.

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2020.- Abd al-Rahman YusufiMoroccan politician.

2021.- BJ ThomasAmerican singer.

2023.- Thomas BuergenthalAmerican judge, one of the founders of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

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