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Berizzo ceased, Tabárez about to leave: What is Ricardo Gareca’s contractual situation? | REPORT

Just six dates from the closing of the South American qualifiers, a dangerous wave of instability has started in different technical commands. In Paraguay they were ahead of everyone when they announced the dismissal of Eduardo Berizzo. The shaking becomes more intense with the imminent departure of the ‘Teacher’ Óscar Tabárez, after 15 years as coach of Uruguay. And in Peru, how is Ricardo Gareca’s contractual situation?

Its clause admits an immediate renewal if Peru qualifies for the World Cup. Being penultimate in the Qualifiers, with only 11 points, has not changed the relationship between Gareca and the sporting director of the FPF, Juan Carlos Oblitas. Despite the critical stage, we are in a position to affirm that the Argentine has all the support of the leadership, even from the president of the FPF, Agustín Lozano, who accompanied the team on its last visits to La Paz and Buenos Aires.

After his most uncomfortable moment in Peru, in the last two months of last year, Gareca has not expressed any desire to leave again (he did so in November 2020). And this will not vary regardless of the results in November against Bolivia and Venezuela. . At the end of his contract, he will close his second cycle with seven years in command of the bicolor.

The instability of the technicians in South America has settled in and will hardly go away. Probably in two weeks, in the Peruvian visit to Caracas I have a new coach of the vinotinto.

If Chile did not win its last two games, the process of winning would also have collapsed. Martín Lasarte. Something similar has happened in Bolivia, where the work of Cesar Farías. The double date of November, probably, causes a new departure.

Tension is World

We not only live in anxiety in the South American teams, in all continents these Playoffs they have awakened several extreme situations in dozens of national teams. There are even soccer powers that still live the tension of not having been able to secure their World Cup qualification.

Qatar 2022 It has become the World Cup in a hurry, the one that arrives without warning. The shortened soccer schedule, due to the pandemic, reduced even the enthusiasm for the wait. The World Cup begins in 14 months and the list of candidates to reserve a space in the highest football competition is already closing. There are favorites who have directed their classification and others who resist being the absent favorite.

A World Cup that lands so badly reduces everything, even patience for a process. One of the historical world champions,

If we travel a few thousand kilometers, we find ourselves in Europe with a world champion who lives an hour to the limit: Spain. Having drawn at home with Greece forces them to beat Sweden on the last date in Seville (the Scandinavians take two points to those led by Luis Enrique in Group B, in the absence of two dates for the closing of the key). Neither Cristiano Ronaldo they have a guaranteed ticket, because Portugal still has to score a perfect score in their two remaining matches to avoid problems with Serbia, their rival in Group A.

His coach, Luis Fernando Suárez – an acquaintance of ours from his time at the University – has to overcome the request to leave from the sports press of that country and his recent contagion of COVID-19 when he returned from the United States.

. The thing about Brazil and Argentina is a matter of a couple of more dates. While the World Cup quotas are fought with more friction, more technicians will see their contracts in jeopardy. The pre-global fever will be the most fleeting in history. Let’s enjoy these last meters, even if they last very little.



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