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Miryam Tristán got the 3-0 of Alianza Lima vs. Royal Tomayapo in the Women’s Libertadores Cup | VIDEO

Lima, November 10, 2021Updated on 11/10/2021 08:11 pm

After the first two goals of Sandy Dorador and Wendy Bonilla, Miriam Tristán scores the third goal of Alianza Lima vs. Royal Tomayapo in the Copa Libertadores Femenina 2021. The third that started the win, came through the assistance of Adriana Lúcar.

The intimate ‘9’ gave a spectacular pass to goal at 33 minutes of the first half. After the play generated by Adriana Lúcar, Myriam Tristán caught the ball and fired a forceful shot for her goal cry.

With joy and a resounding victory, Alianza Lima celebrates with goals from Gladys Dorador (8 ′), Wendy Bonilla (16 ′), Miryam Tristán (33 ′), Anis Vilca (70 ′) and Alison Reyes (83 ′), who thus assured the classification of the Peruvian team to the next round. Although the game looked like it could have more goals, some definition errors made it only stay at 5-0.

Alliance Lima vs. Royal Tomayapo: match preview

This last day will be decisive for those led by Samir Mendoza, who are motivated after beating the University of Chile 1-0. The goal scored by Adriana Lúcar a few minutes from the end determined the historic triumph of the ‘Blanquiazules’, with which they won the option to advance to the quarterfinals.

For this match, a draw could be enough, as long as Deportivo Cali maintains its efficiency and defeats U. de Chile. However, the last champions of the Women’s League of Peru cannot be trusted and will have to come out with everything so as not to depend on other results.

Miryam Tristán, Sandy Dorador and Adriana Lúcar will have to look their best to break the opponent’s defensive bolt. However, the presence of goalkeeper Maryory Sánchez will also be key, who has already demonstrated all her quality in the previous match: she had several interventions to keep zero in her goal.


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