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The brutal crime of a German archaeologist and his teenage daughter that shocks Paraguay (and what several Stradivarius have to do with it)

With signs of torture and a bullet in the neck.

This is how the body of Bernard von Bredow, a 62-year-old German violinist, luthier and archaeologist, was found on October 22 at his home in Aregua, east of Asunción, Paraguay.

SIGHT: The heinous crime of the German who made violins and his 14-year-old daughter that the Paraguayan police cannot solve

His 14-year-old daughter Loreena was shot to the stomach in a bathtub at home.

Police reported that they arrested three Germans in connection with the crime and that they believe the motive was the theft of several Stradivarius violins that From Bredow possessed.

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In addition, the authorities said that the house had been completely looted during the attack.

In photographs of the place published by Paraguayan media, you can see traces of blood and evidence of looting.

German citizens Volker Grannass, 58; Yves Asriel Spartacus Steinmetz, 60; and Stephen Jorg Messing Darchinger, 51, were arrested as suspects, chief of police investigations Hugo Grance told the AFP news agency.

For her part, the deputy prosecutor in the case, Sandra Ledesma, in a radio interview for ABC Cardinal 730AM described the homicide as a “brutal crime.”

“We didn’t really know who to investigate, so we looked for why. We tried to create a hypothesis with the evidence we had and the suspicions, “said Ledesma.

Police believe the crime is related to the theft of Stradivarius violins that Bernard von Bredow owned. (FILE PHOTO / AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES).

The researcher explained that the fact that the homicide included the minor “who has nothing to do with the issue and in such a brutal way is because surely [los criminales] they knew the victims ”.

“We made the decision to search the houses of the people closest to the victims and we found a lot of evidence,” he said.

These people “called themselves his friends,” lamented the prosecutor.

“Our suspicions were true. We found that the people we wanted to break into didn’t even want to open the door. At the time of the raid they were hiding a weapon that was a collector’s item and we found a weapon in a thicket at the house of one of the attackers ”.

“Nothing surprises us”

Prosecutor Ledesma said nothing surprises investigators in the case.

“The complainant, the person who was most distressed, ended up being one of our suspects,” he said.

“In the victim’s house we have an idea of ​​where the certificates of these violins could be, that they are not suitable for sale without the certificates, and that was exactly what they were looking for,” he added.

“We have enough evidence and suspicions to determine the implications. We even have maps of the victim’s home, where the containers were, how far were the certificates of authenticity for these violins ”.

The prosecutor said that so far the detainees are suspects because they have not yet been charged and have the right to defense. And he added that they do not rule out the participation of more people in the crime.

Stradivarius violins

Antonio Stradivari is considered the most distinguished violin craftsman.

He made more than 1,000 violins, violas, and cellos, and was commissioned by King James II and King Carlos III of Spain, before his death in 1737.

Around 650 violins are believed to have survived.

One of his violins sold for a record $ 13 million in 2011.

Had discovered a mammoth

Von Bredow visited Paraguay for the first time in 2017 and in 2018 he returned with his daughter to live in the country.

He was dedicated to repairing violins and selling them, even to collectors around the world, according to Paraguayan authorities.

But Bernard von Bredow was also an archaeologist who had become known in his teens for having discovered a complete skeleton of a mammoth near his hometown of Siegsforf, in Germany.

“45 years ago, Bernard found the huge skeleton of the mammoth Oscar from Siegsdorf, unearthed it, and over the years, rebuilt it and built a life-size model,” says the website of the museum he founded about the find, called Mammutheum.


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