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Calculator: How many points must the Peruvian team score to qualify for Qatar 2022? | INTERACTIVE

The peruvian team he plays his last chances in this Qualifiers to Qatar 2022. The team of Ricardo Gareca has no margin of error against Bolivia (this Thursday 9 pm at the Nacional) and Venezuela (11/16 in Caracas). Peru stayed in ninth place in the table with 11 points and is forced to come back in these last six days to think about the World Cup.

It is true that there are still options for the Peruvian team to qualify for world. However, there are fewer and fewer dates left. The calculations and predictions are again present. Above all, because there is less and less to go to the end of qualifying.

La Bicolor comes from beating Chile (2-0), losing to Bolivia (1-1) and Argentina (1-1), but he continues to depend on himself; however, he also hopes for some results to facilitate the World Cup path.

To peruvian team he has to face Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay in Lima. He also has to visit Venezuela, Uruguay and Colombia. Very complicated matches; however, the team of Ricardo Gareca It has already shown us that it is capable of achieving historical results.

Are Playoffs they are being very fought. The trend of past processes is likely not to be followed. Since the 1998 France Qualifiers, the majority of teams have qualified directly for the World Cup, adding an average of 30 points.

Then with 27 they would be securing a place in the playoffs. The Peruvian team reached fifth place in the previous Qualifiers after adding 26 units, the same as Chile that was left out on goal difference.

Those 26 points, if a statistical calculation is made, it is difficult for the Peruvian team to achieve it again. In these Qualifiers it is likely that whoever reaches the playoffs will score 25 points at most.

In this interactive of Trade, you can see all the options that could be given 6 dates from the end of the Qualifying Qatar 2022. Here you can combine the results of all matches.

This is a good option to help you do your own World Cup calculation. It is only a matter of putting the results and automatically the table is updated. You have the option of making your predictions until the final day where the table will also be updated.



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