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Starlink will now offer internet wherever you go with its portable mode

satellite internet service, star linkFounded by Elon Muskhas informed its customers that they can take their antenna and modem with them if they go on a road trip, accessing a portable function or “portability” (in English) in exchange for an ‘extra’ monthly payment of 25 dollars on their regular rate .

This feature, designed for travelers going camping in vans or RVs, is not yet available in all countries and is limited to areas where coverage is available, within the same continent. For now, in Latin Americayou can only request the service in some parts of Chile and Brazil.

Starlink coverage map, according to its website. (

According to the company’s technical support page, the portable service is designed for temporary transfers and can only be used within the continent of the registered service address. “If you use star link in a foreign country for more than two months, you will be required to change your registered service address to your new location or purchase a star link additional to maintain the service”they warn.

Restrictions of use

Currently, the company explains that it is not possible to use star link moving. If you use it while driving, the quality of service is not guaranteed. To use it, you must park.

“The use of the Kit star link in motion will void your Kit’s limited warranty. While our teams are actively working to make it possible to use star link in moving vehicles (eg, cars, motor homes, and boats), star link it is not yet configured to be used safely in that way”they indicate.

Recently, Musk’s company also announced an agreement they reached with the airline Hawaiian Airlines to offer WiFi internet during their commercial flights. This would be another of Starlink’s attempts to offer satellite internet service on the move.

Another difficulty is that portable service does not guarantee stated speeds or uninterrupted use of services, for example, if you move to a more congested place. In addition, the attention priority will have the antennas placed in the registered service address.

star link prioritizes network resources for users at your registered service address. when he wears his star link to a new location, this prioritization can result in degraded service, particularly at times of peak usage or network congestion.they need.

To activate the service, active customers can go to their account page and enable “portability” there, which will take effect immediately. If you have multiple Starlinks, you must select and purchase portability for each location.

Portability is charged in full monthly increments and cannot be prorated. The portability feature and billing charges will continue until you choose to turn them off.

Source: Elcomercio

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