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How will the drone deliveries that Amazon will implement before the end of the year work?

Amazon-Prime It had already announced that it had prepared to deliver orders with drones since 2015. The company indicated that they hope to start this process before the end of the year and that the citizens of the Lockeford community in California will be the first to use it. How will it work?

“Our teams of hundreds of scientists, engineers, aerospace professionals and futurists have been working hard to do just that. And, at the end of the year, users of amazon who live in Lockeford, California, will be the first to receive delivery from Prime Air,” the company said in its statement.

The company also indicated which system it will use for drone order delivery. “We have created a sophisticated sense-and-avoid system and industry pioneer that will enable us to operate without visual observers and allow our drones to operate over great distances, while safely and reliably avoiding other aircraft, people, pets and obstacles,” he said. amazon.

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How will the delivery of these orders work?

amazon is already working with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and other regulatory entities in the United States to start your delivery process with drones. The company has passed a rigorous certificate to start with this service, so it will be uone of only three companies to do so.

“Clients at Lockeford will be able to view eligible items on Amazon Prime Air. They will place your order as you normally would and they will receive an estimated arrival time with a status tracker for their order”, the company pointed out. In this way, the client will know when the drone will arrive.

“For these deliveries, the drone will fly to the designated delivery location, it will go down to the customer’s yard and float to a safe height. It will carefully release the package and finally ascend to an altitude.” amazon.

Source: Elcomercio

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