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Claro Gaming Stars League: Find out the results of the first phase and which teams led the first Super Week

The Claro Gaming Stars League closed its first phase of the Clausura 2022 tournament with a Super Week, where for 3 days, it lived exciting games of the official competition of League of Legends in Peru, thanks to the LVP (MEDIAPRO Group) and sponsored by Clear Gaming.

Last week the first of three consecutive Super Weeks was played that will cover the remainder of the first and second phases of the Clausura tournament, and as a result of the first Super Week and the expectation of the second, this is the present of each of the teams :

The Undefeated Leaders

The game against Spectacled Bears confirmed the dominance of Los Demonios Sensuales under pressure, but at the same time their weaknesses in the early period of the game, on Thursday they beat Cienciano Esports with no objectives, only to pure lane advantage taken in team fights , and against Diamond Doves they took by surprise a team that still needs to polish details, and on which Juandedios had no mercy.

The first week of the second phase will apparently be calm, given that the 3 teams to face have not yet put them in difficulties.

Spectacled Bears

The Spectacled Bears are very tough, and they proved to have the strongest early game of the entire competition, as they put Incubus in a tight spot. Their consistency and confidence in their approaches gave them the victory against Diamond Doves and Club Deportivo Municipal.

Except against Diamond Doves on Thursday, they don’t seem to have high concerns for next week.

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Diamond Doves

The game of Las Palomas de Diamante is going In Crescendo, they achieved a victory slowly but surely against Instinct Gaming, they lost against Los Osos because their game is already safer, and against Incubus they lost since the draft, where Incubus had a point very strong starting point to get a bigger advantage.

Adapting to the new meta can bring its challenges, but Las Palomas are running out of time to find their best game, and much more now that they start the second phase with a double day, for which they will have 4 games this week, and 2 of them , against the teams that surpass them in the table.

Scienceno Esports

Despite the concerns that Dinastik and Alex Mercer are still not reaching their best level, all of El Upaupapá is finding a better game, they achieved an encouraging and resounding victory against El Muni, but on Thursday the initially mentioned players were crushed against Piqueos and Juandedios, but that did not destroy their mentality, since on Friday, trusting until the last minute, they took advantage of a Teamfight at minute 40 to take the victory against Antares.

The second round begins exciting for El Papa de América against 3 teams, 2 of them previously presented difficulties that can be corrected.

Antares Esports

Los Escorpiones Galacticos’ tactic seems clear: draw their opponents into the late game, where they know what to do and how to win from experience and the draft. In fact, that’s how they beat Fantasy Gaming in a 46-minute match, and Instinct Gaming in a 48-minute match, both with a great performance from ZombieHog. However, the formula is not foolproof, given that they lost to Cienciano Esports for poorly executing a last teamfight in the enemy nexus.

Antares Esports will have 3 games at the beginning of this second round, with good chances of being able to make their game, but also with the uncertainty that the other teams are already proposing ways not to give in to them.

Instinct Gaming

The lack of experience and the Drafts are the strongest challenge for Instinct Gaming, They did not have a chance against Diamond Doves for this reason and against Antares Esports they reached a moment where the late game left them without proposals. At the end of the week they had a lot of respect for Fantasy Gaming, and despite being at a disadvantage many times, they took advantage of the fact that Los Dragones lost the north in their game and were able to win, although their situation in the table is not pleasant.

This week The Storm of Instinct will have a double day, so you will have to play 4 maps, the first of them looks winnable as they are, but the other 3 will require more effort and level.

Municipal Sports Club

The teams that dominate the competition followed the path of making changes in those areas where they do not shine, and El Muni’s commitment to keep many of its players despite not achieving the expected result in the last tournament is taking its toll on them, the squad of the experience is not being found in the summoner’s rift, on Wednesday they lose against Cienciano Esports, on Thursday they beat Fantasy Gaming due to dragon errors rather than their own initiative, and they ran out of resources as the game evolved for the Bears.

The Muni have 3 tough games on paper, but if they can make the necessary adjustments to their starting squad and style of play, they could do well.

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Fantasy Gaming

Fantasy Gaming did not adjust anything of what Day Off was one day, and time did not give them the chance to find their best game: Antares Esports beat them in 46 minutes, a winnable game against El Muni they lost after they dominated the game in the early game, and finally against Instinct Gaming there was too much respect, and when executing the final phase of the game The Dragons did not meet

Fantasy Gaming has all the potential to show a higher level in League Of Legends, only that learning process usually takes a lot more work sometimes, like this time.

The Second Phase of the Tournament Starts in the Second Super Week

Wednesday June 15:

Cienciano Esports vs. Spectacled Bears 7:00 p.m.

Diamond Doves vs. Incubus 8:00 p.m.

Antares Esports vs. Instinct Gaming 9:00 p.m.

Municipal Sports Club vs. Diamond Doves 10:00 p.m.

Thursday June 16:

Instinct Gaming vs. Cienciano Esports 7:00 p.m.

Diamond Doves vs. Spectacled Bears 8:00 p.m.

Instinct Gaming vs. Incubus 9:00 p.m.

Antares Esports vs. Municipal Sports Club 10:00 p.m.

Friday June 17:

Spectacled Bears vs. Antares Esports 7:00 p.m.

Municipal Sports Club vs. Incubus 8:00 p.m.

Antares Esports vs. Cienciano Esports 9:00 p.m.

Instinct Gaming vs. Diamond Doves 10:00 p.m.

The Fight for the title of the Claro Gaming Stars League Closing 2022 is still in orbit, and you can see it every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30 p.m. with coverage on the Twitch, YouTube, Trovo and Facebook channels of the LVP Peru.

Get ready and enjoy the highest League of Legends competition in Peru: the Claro Gaming Stars League.

Together with Zui, Thunder, Polaridadb, the best production team and special guests you will live the emotions of the Peruvian League of Legends, also following the LVP Peru in all its social networks to be aware of esports in the country: lvpperu

See you summoners!

Source: Elcomercio

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