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Netflix: What are the restrictions on the new $6.99 cheap ad-supported plan?

Netflix confirmed that its new cheap plan with ads will come out in November and that it will cost $6.99. However, despite the fact that the name only promises that it will be less expensive and that it will have ads, this subscription will have other restrictions. Which are?

This plan will be launched in 12 countries, initially. The platform has not yet revealed if it plans to expand it from 2023 or in which other regions.. However, it is expected that this type of subscription will increase the number of users of Netflix to then bet elsewhere. In other words, practically these months will be a trial period.

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What restrictions does Netflix’s new cheap ad-supported plan have?

1. You will not be able to see the content in a row. Obviously, there will be announcements with this plan. These will be between 4 or 5 advertisements, 15 to 20 seconds, during each hour. They will only be broadcast before starting the film, series or documentary and during their reproduction.

However, according to US media, there will be no advertising in children’s content, nor in its original films. Although Netflix has not yet confirmed this, it is also not completely certain that the measure will not be modified and that there will then be ads in all content.

two. Video quality will only be 720p/HD. Like the basic plan, the one with ads also has the same cap on this aspect. No matter what type of device you have and how powerful it is, you will only be able to watch content on Netflix in this quality if you choose the new subscription.

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3. You will not be able to download content to watch later. This benefit is available in the other plans, but not in this one. That is to say, if you are going to travel and you thought to advance the chapters of your favorite series during the journey, you will only be able to do it with an internet connection, through mobile data or a portable modem.

Four. Not all content will be available on this plan. Although it will not be a permanent restriction, it will occur for a good period of time. This is because the content that does not belong to Netflix and that was introduced on the platform before the creation of this type of subscription, it did not contemplate that advertisements would be shown during its broadcasts.

That is to say, in the contracts to show these titles in the catalog there was no specification that advertisements would appear. In this way, Netflix can’t run an ad while playing this content, but it can’t let users watch it without it either.. The platform is negotiating with the production houses to reach an agreement, but, from the moment of its launch, many titles will not be able to be enjoyed.

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Other restrictions that could appear in the new cheap Netflix ad-supported plan

The company has not confirmed on how many compatible devices can this plan be enjoyed. Likewise, There is also no information on whether these ads will have the option to be skipped after a few seconds of waiting. or if they will have to reproduce completely.

Another point is if the ads will appear individually or if 2 or more will be shown during the broadcast. This is important, because if there are 4 or 5 of these advertisements, it could mean more content playback cuts if they appear one by one, compared to 2 in a row, for example.

Source: Elcomercio

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