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Sony launches its camera dedicated to apprentice influencers

Come on, shall we get started? By dint of seeing videos on YouTube, TikTok or Reels on Instagram, you have come to the following conclusion: “and why not me? “. The few tests with your smartphone did not convince you? Do you already want to set the bar higher when it comes to quality? New solution, the Sony ZV-1F! This photo/video camera dedicated to vlogging that “20 Minutes” was able to test, is aimed at novices. Thanks to him, their first steps in creating content will only be a formality!

A video-oriented digital compact

While ZV-1, the first camera/video dedicated to vlogging from Sony, had us excited two years ago, does the ZV-1F keep its promises? Resembling two drops of water to its elder, the new kid (105.5 x 60 x 46.5 mm for 256 grams) wears the classic clothes of a compact digital camera. But if it is weighted with a 1 inch 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, the photo is not its primary vocation (it does not support the RAW format, for example). No, his thing is video!

Fixed focal length to film everything

To film tutorials, to immortalize a wedding evening, to engrave in marble your last road trip… the ZV-1F is equipped with a 7.5 cm diagonal LCD screen. Mounted on a ball joint, it allows you to fit perfectly. We notice from the first test that the lens of the camera is now fixed. For the 20-70mm of the ZV-1, Sony preferred to substitute a 20mm lens.

The ZV-1F camera/video for vlogging, from Sony. -Sony

Advantage: the device becomes a true all-terrain, with a very wide angle view. This is ideal for landscapes or group scenes. Disadvantage: the ZV-1F does not have optical zoom or stabilization. Instead, stabilization and digital zoom which, if they offer honest benefits, have the defect of slightly cropping in the image if you film in motion (while walking, for example). But the image remains quite stable.

On the sound side, Sony did not skimp. The ZV-1F incorporates a three-cell microphone on the top and comes with a windscreen. We cannot recommend its systematic use outdoors enough: it manages to almost cancel out the often disastrous sound effects of an audio recording in windy weather. However, an external microphone socket is provided. We advise you to use it with a small wired lavalier microphone sold for around twenty euros for possible interviews.

Videos in landscape or portrait mode

On arrival, the ZV-1F films up to 4K at 30 frames / second. The ZV-1 went up to 60 fps. But the results obtained by his younger brother are nevertheless very good. Sony is targeting novice videographers here who do not want to bother with too advanced settings, but simply want to obtain good quality images, without seeking the perfection that more sophisticated (even complicated) and expensive equipment would offer them.

Sign of the times, the ZV-1F can film horizontally, but also vertically. Beware, however: the rise in ISO for night images or in low light remains satisfactory up to 3,200 only. If the camera can go up to 12,800 ISO, it will be at the cost of a fairly strong “noise” (visible pixels) in the image.

Influencers in the viewfinder

For a professional effect, the simple press of a button blurs the back of the filmed subject. This is the equivalent of a Bokeh effect in photos, applied here to video. And to play influencers, a “Product presentation” function has its little effect. When activated, it allows the ZV-1F to instantly focus on an object presented up to 20cm from the lens, then immediately refocus on the presenter’s face as soon as the object moves out of frame. We never tire. Hyperlapse and Slowmotion functions are also on board for very convincing accelerated or slow-motion images.

Free handle

The ZV-1F would be nothing without its grip handle (ref: GP-VPT2BT). Worth 169 euros, it is offered with the device. This Bluetooth accessory is screwed under the case and has controls (Photo/Video/Zoom/Custom key) which considerably increase the comfort of use.

Sony supplied with its ZV-1F device its Bluetooth handle which can also be used as a tripod.
Sony supplied with its ZV-1F device its Bluetooth handle which can also be used as a tripod. -Sony

This grip even acts as a tripod, which can be very practical for live from a computer (or a Sony Xperia smartphone). The function is offered in USB-C. You will be able to distinguish yourself on Twich, for example!

If its functions remain degraded compared to the ZV-1 (sold, him, 699 euros without its handle), the ZV-1F, which is sold 649 euros with its grip, is not given. But it forms a good team to start on the networks. Or just to play great travel cameras.

Source: 20minutes

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