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“The lettuce won!”: the unusual “challenge” on the government of Liz Truss in the United Kingdom that went viral

“LETTUCE WON! The Daily Star’s Tesco 60p Lettuce Celebrates Victory Following Prime Minister’s Resignation Liz Truss”, is the main title of the tabloid newspaper site Daily Star just after the premiere announce his resignation and put an end to the shortest British rule.

The conservative leader announced her resignation just 44 days after taking office and will remain in office until his party elects a successor, as announced this morning at the door of his Downing Street residence.

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On social media, his possible resignation had become a viral challenge since the left-leaning tabloid Daily Star pitted Truss against lettuce that had cost 60 pence (68 cents), asking her readers if they thought the prime minister would lose her job in less time than it takes for vegetables to spoil. Since then, the site livestreamed a live image of unrefrigerated lettuce next to a photo of Truss.

As newscasts livestreamed Truss’s speech, a person’s hand appeared in the live shot to shoot Truss’s photo, colored lights swirled, and an audio of “God Save the King” played repeatedly. while nearly 20,000 people watched on YouTube.

“Lettuce lasted longer than Liz Truss”, declared the video. Minutes later, a remix of Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” set the celebration to music.

Fueled by the lettuce craze, the tabloid posted another story headlined: “Daily Star lettuce moves one step closer to No. 10 as MP says ‘might as well run the country.'”

The origin

The maneuver echoed a comment that came from the other British journalistic spectrum. In a column published last week, titled “The Iceberg Lady,” the prestigious magazine The Economist he described Truss as having “the shelf life of a lettuce.”

Truss’s political role model, 1980s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was known as the Iron Lady.

During the last days of the Truss government, the British political press anticipated the end of the term with other comparisons as well. the tabloid The Sunof a conservative line, described it as “ghost prime minister” and said that “for the good of the country, we cannot continue like this.”

Liz Truss today announced her resignation, after just six weeks in office. (DANIEL LEAL – AFP).

Guardian, left-leaning, he compared the Conservatives to a crew of mutineers: “Truss has not abandoned her party. But it seems that he has abandoned her.”

Liz Truss finally resigned Thursday, acknowledging the inevitable after a turbulent six-week tenure in which her policies disrupted the financial markets and a rebellion in her party left her powerless. “I cannot fulfill the mandate on which I was elected,” declared the president.

Truss was forced to abandon many of her economic policies and lost control of the discipline within her Conservative Party. Her departure leaves the party divided and searching for a leader who can unite her rival factions.

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