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Google has created a game with little ghosts especially for the occasion

On certain occasions, Google offers a game to Internet users via its doodle of the day, accessible from the search engine’s home page. Halloween is one of the events, to everyone’s delight.

Since this Sunday, the Halloween 2022 doodle thus provides access to a small online game called “The Great Ghoul Duel”. It’s actually an augmented and improved version of a game already unveiled in 2018 for Halloween, which was then Google’s first interactive and multiplayer doodle, reports The Economic Times.

Play against the whole world

This new version uses the same principle. Players take on the role of ghosts and must explore maps to collect and then bring back to their base as many Spirit Flames as possible in just two minutes. Two teams compete and the one with the most flames wins the game. Warning: the flames collected can be intercepted by the opposing team.

With four people per team, eight players from all over the world can play together on this doodle. A user can create a game and invite his friends via a personalized link, or join an existing game with strangers. Google took the opportunity to add new characters and special powers.

Source: 20minutes

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