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Barcelona creates a public travel app and all taxi drivers will have to use it on a mandatory basis

The city of Barcelona has created a app of public trips so that citizens can mobilize. In the style of private apps, this will allow you to request a registered taxi through your cell phone, providing all the necessary information.

The first public application for taxis is already underway. This is Picmi Taxi, an application created between the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona and the Metropolitan Institute of Taxi. A mobile app that will allow you to request one of the more than 10,000 registered taxis in Barcelona”, reports Xataka.

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From this moment on, all the drivers who provide the taxi service will have to use the app. “To date, only taxi drivers who were linked to private applications could be requested by mobile. From now on all taxi drivers, whether self-employed or belonging to a fleet, will have to be available through this application”, adds the medium.

The app is available on the two most popular operating systems. “To use Picmi Taxi you will have to download the AMB Mobilitat application, available for both Android and iOS. The operation is simple. The application works as if the person ‘raises his hand’ to order a taxiwith the difference that nearby taxis will be able to know it from the mobile“, Add.

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Citizens who request the service will have all the vehicle information on their cell phone screens. “OROnce the taxi request has been made, the user can find out how many minutes the vehicle would take to reach the indicated collection point. Depending on this we can accept or not the service. Additionally, Picmi Taxi allows you to know the approximate price of the route, through the IMET price calculator”, indicates the portal.

However, you can only pay in cash and order a taxi for that very moment. “At the moment it is not planned that you can make reservations or pay through the application. Picmi Taxi will allow you to indicate whether you are looking for an adapted taxi or one with more capacity. From the application we can see information on the chosen taxi, from the model to the license plate and license number. Just before, when the taxi has arrived at the collection point, we will receive a notification to the mobile”, he concludes.

Source: Elcomercio

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