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Don’t fall for them! WhatsApp “tricks” that are not real

There are many videos on social networks like TikTok Y Youtubeas well as blogs, which claim to have the answer to any inconvenience that arises with messaging applications, mainly WhatsApp. But, in reality, many of these assumptions hacks they generate suspicion because of how unreal they sound.

So that do not waste your time trying WhatsApp tricks that are not worth it, we will tell you some that are so recognized as false.

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There are multiple videos that can be found on the network, ensuring that it is possible to see the stories of other users of the app without them realizing it, but being able to see when they see their stories.

It isn’t true. The only tool that allows you to view statuses without being noticed is to disable the ‘Read Confirmation’ option. The problem is that you will not see who entered your temporary profile either and this is unsolvable.

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There are those who say that activating airplane mode can be achieved, but it is false.

Likewise, ‘Read Receipt’ prevents your ‘seen’ from appearing on other people’s messages, but only applies to chat personal —only with a contact—. Groups work differently. It is not only seen when you access documents, images, other attachments or messages; In addition, you can see when you listen to an audio.

Changing the time on the cell phone does not affect the perception of WhatsApp time. One of the most common myths is that a message can be deleted after the legal hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds. How? According to influencers specialized in technology from certain blogs and YouTube channels, changing the time in the mobile phone system.

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This is completely false. Be careful with unwanted chats because, once the stipulated time has passed, it will be impossible to get rid of them.

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