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Germany condemns North Korea’s nuclear threat, stresses support for Japan

The German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, today strongly condemned the violation of international law by North Korea with its nuclear policy and missile launches, while underlining its support for Japan.

”As the presidency of the G7, but also as Germany, We condemn in the strongest terms the violation of international law. There are clear United Nations resolutions regarding nuclear testswhich are in fact prohibited”he declared.

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That is why, he added, any nuclear test “It is a violation of international UN resolutions and the same applies to alleged missile launches.”

He referred to the consultations held just today in the 2+2 format between the foreign and defense ministers of Germany and Japan to underline their support for that country.

In these talks, held before the start of the meeting in Münster of the G7 foreign ministers, “We emphasized that we stand with Japan and strongly condemn North Korea’s violation of international law just working with such a threat”.

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regimen Pyongyang has been carrying out repeated missile tests since the end of last September, in what is a succession of tests that have sought to test its tactical nuclear weapons systems in response to recent maneuvers in the south of the peninsula, including those of a US aircraft carrier.

Analysts believe that new North Korean tests are on the horizon, including a new underground nuclear detonation, which would be the first since September 2017.

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Source: Elcomercio

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