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No more background noise: Spotify adds voice isolation feature for podcasters

While some choose to listen to podcasts, others are dedicated to creating them with the help of various platforms such as Anchor from Spotify. Thinking of them, the streaming company added a button capable of reducing background noise.

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Through a statement on its blog, the company announced the implementation of the button ‘Podcast Audio Enhancement’, which is available from today. The voice isolation feature will allow the user to record in noisy environments without the need for expensive equipment.

“The result is an audio with better sound, even if it was recorded in a noisy coffee shop, on the subway, or with babies crying in the background. And that means it’s easier for more people to record podcasts without having to wait for a quiet, distraction-free environment, or set up a home studio.”he added.

The company has been fully involved in the podcast business since 2019, when acquired Anchor for more than US$150 million. On the other hand, it is not the only company that has invested in voice isolation, as companies like Zoom and Google have also been encouraged to offer background noise reduction technology in their applications.

The function ‘Podcast Audio Enhancement’ it is already being implemented in the Anchor app on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Elcomercio

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