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Wind energy: this wind turbine can be installed at home and costs about S/500

Among the alternative energy sources, the wind power It is one of the most accessible and generates the most expectations, especially because it is easy to install even in homes, and at a low cost.

These are small wind turbines that resemble large windmill-shaped generators. But its design is much smaller and the Vevor brand is in charge of bringing them to the domestic sphere.

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According to El Español, this wind turbine has a power of 400 W and is barely worth 130.94 euros. That is to say 517.55 soles, at the exchange rate with our currency. And the secret is the same: take advantage of the kinetic energy of the wind to generate electricity.

These systems consist of an aluminum body, a stainless steel tail, a nylon fiber sheet and a 400 W permanent magnet NdFeB three-phase synchronous motor.

Wind turbines can be adapted at home or on trips. (Photo:

Now, as it is an element that is exposed to the environment, it can be damaged by rain, heat or cold. Therefore, the turbine body is made of die-cast aluminum and the surface is baked painted, as well as being anti-corrosion, waterproof and durable.

The company ensures that this small wind turbine can produce the necessary energy to satisfy the load needs of a house without any inconvenience.

Source: Elcomercio

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