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Adobe now requires users to pay a monthly subscription to rotate a PDF

A Mastodon user has published a photograph where Adobe Reader It offers you to subscribe to a monthly plan so that you can rotate a PDF. The publication has generated controversy, as it is argued that all companies are currently looking for people to pay each month for a digital service.

Adobe now requires you to purchase a subscription to rotate PDF pageswhich is such comically desperate monetization”, posted the user @vladh on Mastodon. Accompanying his displeasure, was an image with the company’s offer.

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However, what the user stands out the most is that they try to monetize everything, despite the errors that exist in some services or tools. “I wish they would stop spending so much time on increasingly aggressive pricing and just correct their widespread mistakessuch as After Effects not being able to render videos (which is its main purpose) or Photoshop getting worse every year”, he adds.

“Rotate pages. Delete, insert, extract or rotate PDF pages”, Adobe notes in the announcement. In the image you can see that the subscription features would allow the user to also copy, reorder and renumber pages, as well as split PDFs into multiple documents. Even, offers a 7-day free trial, then pay $12.99 for the standard version or $19.99 for the Pro.

Adobe’s announcement for users to subscribe and be able to rotate pages. | (Photo: @[email protected])

While there are some pay-and-play Adobe tools, some require a subscription. This has been evidenced after the move to Creative Cloud, where it is no longer necessary to buy physically, but we only have to download and install the programto then pay each month to use it.

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Adobe is not the only one that is betting on this type of sales. Streaming services are also part of this type of subscription payments. They even have levels, where the more money, the more features or benefits you get. One case is that of Netflix, which has three levels and a fourth with advertising.

Although what is charged may not be that expensive for many people, the sum of all these subscriptions ends up being important. If we go back decades, the subscriptions were to receive objects (magazines, newspapers, among others) or to make use of facilities (gyms, swimming pools, among others). Now, it only remains in digital use.

Source: Elcomercio

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