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VIDEO. Artemis Mission: Follow the journey of the Orion capsule in real time

Successfully launched on November 17 after several failed attempts, the Orion capsule reached the moon a few days ago and has since continued its journey, which should return it to Earth within two weeks. This new capsule is set to take astronauts to the moon in the coming years and will be the first to set foot on its surface since the last Apollo mission in 1972. safely.

One of the great new things NASA is offering is the ability to follow its journey in real time.

First is the Artemis Real-time Orbit (AROW) site, a real-time tracker that displays its location in 3D, as well as the time elapsed since the start of the mission, or the spacecraft’s speed and distance relative to the Earth and Moon.

But it’s also possible to follow the capsule in real time on video, on this dedicated page created by IBM, and stream directly from the on-board camera.

Source: Le Parisien

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