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These are the reasons why you should not charge your cell phone in the car

Many times the little time we have to load our smartphones at home, he forces us to do it in our car as we drive to our destination. However, this practice would not be so healthy for the vehicle. Here we tell you why.

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According to the Feuvert workshop chain, quoted in El Español, connecting our smartphone to the USB port of the car is not recommended.

First of all, because there is an amperage difference between the USB port of the car and the mobile. “Surely the amperage it supplies is lower than the demands of current devices and this causes the mobile charges very slowlyhe pointed.

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“A few years ago almost all devices were charged with an intensity of 1 amp, but now we already have mobile phones that use 2 or 3 amp chargers. This also causes long-term premature deterioration of batteries”, added.

Namely, Car USB ports were not made for charging power-hungry devices.Just like cell phones today. And, secondly, due to the charging capacity of the equipment’s battery.

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One of the consequences of this practice It is the damage that the cell phone battery can suffer to the point that it stops charging. also can overheat and, consequently, ruin the components of the equipment. This will depend on the charger adapter and the age of the car.

Source: Elcomercio

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