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Apple must pay 1 million euros in France for imposing “unbalanced conditions” on developers

The Paris Commercial Court fined on Monday Manzana with one million euros (a similar figure in dollars) for imposing unbalanced conditions on mobile application developers and will also have to change its practices to comply with the new European regulations.

The US giant, which earned $90 billion in revenue between July and September, was denounced in 2017 on behalf of the French Economy and Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, when the United States, then under the presidency of Donald Trump, wanted to tax the steel and aluminum imports.

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According to the sentence, to which AFP has had access, the commercial court considers that there is a “major imbalance” and “significant legal and economic uncertainty” derived, in particular, from the impossibility for developers to renegotiate the terms of the contract with Apple or to challenge the suspension of an application.

Apple believes in dynamic and competitive markets where innovation can flourish (…) We will carefully review this decision and continue our efforts to support developers and provide a safe experience for users”, Apple reacted on Monday in a statement.

Google was fined for its part in March with two million euros and the obligation to modify seven clauses of its application distribution contract.

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Apple and Google, the two giant US publishers of the mobile operating systems iOS and Android, are under pressure to justify the fees they charge developers around the world.

Consequently, they have halved their fees for small developers and subscribers and are allowing more flexibility in app pricing.

Source: Elcomercio

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