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“It was an accident”: driver dragged a dog on the Medellín – Bogotá road

Outrage grows on social networks after the publication of a video in which a Husky breed dog appears tied to a Chevrolet truck while being dragged along a highway in Medellin. More precisely, in the section between Marinilla and El Santuario.

According to the person who recorded it, this occurred at dawn on December 18, around half past four in the morning: “I don’t know if they can see the puppy hanging from the car, that’s infamous. The speed he’s going… almost 100 km per hour. The puppy is already dead.”says the man with a noticeably affected voice.

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Apparently, for more than 10 km. he honked for the driver of the white van to stop and he did not.

There was a confusion with the plates, since at first it was believed that they corresponded to the letters and numbers IMX 629, but in the RUNT registry the car registered with these data is a Suzuki Swift, owned by Jorge Iván Restrepo Navarrete. For this reason, a deputy from Antioquia with the same name issued a statement asking authorities to investigate the incidentthat he be separated from the case and reproached what happened.

Other personalities such as Senator Andrea Padilla also spoke out rejecting the obvious case of animal abuse: “I share arguments that support the anti-prison current, but I believe that those who commit brutal acts against animals should be imprisoned. Our project to reform Law 1774 proposes 4 years and alternative sanctions”.

What did the owner of the vehicle say?

After almost 24 hours, the real owner of the vehicle came forward.

As EL TIEMPO learned, arrived at the Marinilla Police station, in eastern Antioquia. Colonel William Castaño, director of Carabineros and Animal Protection of the National Police, indicated that “the corresponding report was presented to the Attorney General’s Office to open the corresponding judicial process.”

In the same way, the local media ‘MiOriente’ shared the story of the aforementioned, who claims it was an accident: “The puppy was my companion, he was taught to ride in the car, it was not the first time he came there, and what happened was that the puppy fell; Later on, when it dawned on me, I didn’t know what to do, the world came crashing down on me, I didn’t know whether to throw myself to the ground, start crying, it was very hard”.

The puppy was called Colonel and, according to what he said, he accompanied him everywhere after living a terrifying experience a few days ago: “I was robbed and that’s why I went out with the puppy. I have others at home, but this was the one I went with.”

However, despite the man’s statements, the authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident.

Source: Elcomercio

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