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It is already your partner in the cheap plan with advertising: Microsoft would try to buy Netflix in 2023

Microsoft would have its sights on acquiring Netflix by 2023, according to a report. The technology giant, which has been acquiring companies from various sectors, could buy its current partner with which they have created the basic plan with ads that was launched at the beginning of November.

Satya Nadella continues to think big. Microsoft’s CEO has been buying up new businesses at an impressive rate. Wait for me to add Netflix to the list in 2023″, indicates the Reuters report.

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The streaming platform currently works with Microsoft, so there is a close relationship. “The two companies are already closely aligned. Netflix chose Microsoft as its advertising partner for a new ad-supported subscription service. Microsoft Chairman Brad Smith is also on Netflix’s board. Part of the rationale for an agreement is that Microsoft wants to offer a video game streaming service on multiple devices”, he adds.

To this is added the incorporation of video games for the platform. “Netflix has its own big plans in games. In 2022, the company co-led by Reed Hastings snapped up developer Spry Fox, its sixth in-house studio. Becoming part of the Microsoft empire would boost those ambitions. A bundle with streaming TV and gaming together isn’t hard to imagine.”, adds the medium.

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Microsoft has bought several tech companies since Nadella’s tenure. Mojang, creator of Minecraft, for example, was acquired for $2.5 billion, while LinkedIn cost it $26 billion. Likewise, Nuance, a developer of artificial intelligence software, was bought for US$20 billion.

The latest acquisition, which is still in dispute as authorities in both the United States and Europe point to a possible monopoly, is Activision Blizzard, for $69 billion. Microsoft, until December of this year, would have US$1.8 trillion to buy Netflix.

Source: Elcomercio

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