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World: Argentine preselection flies over Buenos Aires in helicopter, bus travel ‘impossible’

They changed the road to air. The Argentina national football team, who won the World Cup final in Qatar, began a midday helicopter flight over Buenos Aires on Tuesday, ditching the bus victory parade made “impossible” by “an outburst of popular joy”. announced the presidency.

More than 4 million people, according to a source in the municipality, gathered on the team’s route between the Argentine Federation (AFA) complex, 32 km from the capital, and the city center. “The world champions are flying the entire planned route in helicopters, as it has become impossible to continue on the road,” Presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti said on Twitter. “Let’s continue to celebrate peacefully and show them our love and admiration.”

A few minutes earlier, AFA President Chiki Tapia had said security officials “will not let us go all the way to greet all the people waiting at the Obelisk.” “A thousand apologies on behalf of all champion players,” he added on Twitter.

Fan tries to jump on the bus

Departing at 11:45 am (3:45 pm in Paris) from the AFA headquarters, the bus of the now Argentinean Tri-Campeons was supposed to reach the Obelisk, the nerve center of the festivities. But after three hours he had traveled only about ten kilometers, tens of thousands of fans in sky-white jerseys slowed him down along the way.

Argentine television footage at one point along the route showed a fan attempting to jump into the players’ bus as it passed directly under a road bridge, but missed and fell in the dense crowd following the bus on foot.

During the celebration, several fans insulted the Blues striker. A video of a burning coffin with a photo of a Frenchman is even circulating on social networks. As for world champion players, some even celebrated with a Kylian Mbappe doll in their hands…

Source: Le Parisien

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