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Argentina suggests its citizens evaluate difficulties if they travel to Peru

The Argentine Government recommended this Tuesday to its citizens who plan to travel to Peru to take into account the possible difficulties they could have in that country due to the political crisis.

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“It is suggested to Argentine citizens who are planning to visit the Republic of Peru in the near future, make the decision carefully, gather as much information as possible before starting their trip, and take into account the possible difficulties and unforeseen events that could arise both for their own compatriots and for their families,” the Argentine Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Argentine government recalled that in Peru “protests continue to take place and there are roadblocks and national roads that interrupt the normal operation of transport in all its modalities.”

The statement gives an account of other limitations in airports and rail transport due to the state of emergency due to the serious political crisis opened with the departure of Pedro Castillo from power.

Last week, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia and Colombia questioned in a joint statement the dismissal of Castillo and the assumption of Dina Boluarte and demanded that the “citizen’s will” expressed at the polls be respected.

Peru is experiencing a social outbreak that began to take shape on December 7, after Castillo’s failed self-coup, who was then removed by Congress and arrested by his escort.

On December 11, the demonstrations multiplied in different parts of the country, some of which have led to vandalism and in the repression of which 26 people have died.

The demonstrators demand the resignation of President Boluarte, the closure of Congress, the calling of general elections and a constituent assembly.

Source: Elcomercio

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